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How Do I Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

I am tempted to pick someone who takes my insurance plan.  Are there better ways to find someone good at cosmetic dentistry vs. general dental work? READ MORE

Lower Part of Gums are Red. Who Should I See? (photo)

It's not the gums, it's below the gums, what can i do to fix it?? Should i see a dentist or periodontist or doctor?? I'm a mouth breather and do get... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if my Teeth Are Not Straight?

I went to my dds and I was looking to get lumineers but he said that I need invisalign first. Now I don't want lumis because you still need to... READ MORE

Several Accidents as a Child and Have Very Small Teeth. Thinking about Getting 4 Veneers; is Gum Lift Necessary? (photo)

No question: it's necessary. I've had several accidents as a child & small teeth. Now, I want cosmetic dentistry. I live in the Baltimore... READ MORE

How Can I Find the Right Dentist Here in Tucson? I am Having No Luck.

My teeth sre so bad in the front and the horrible dentist i went to wants to put a bridge. i dont want a bridge. i want implants. everyone i know who... READ MORE

How can I find free/affordable/reduced fee for dental work?

Hi there - My parents did not have the resources to take me to the dentist when I was younger, and I am now suffering the consequences. I am a... READ MORE

Trinidad Open Bite Treatment Dentist Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a dentist in Trinidad that can deal with open bite? READ MORE

Dentist Recommendations in Texas Who Would Do Free or Cheap Work if We Have Insurance?

My husband needs quite a bit of work done on his teeth. We have insurance through work & we have a dental discount plan but we wouldn't be... READ MORE

Neuromuscular Dentist in NYC for TMJ

I was searching for a neuromuscular dentist in New York City for my TMJ problems. can anybody suggest me a neuromuscular dentist who has successfully... READ MORE

I have a left upper canine tooth that sticks out......

A piece of my tooth broke off.The dental hygienist said that i will need a root canal,but that if they were to put a crown over my tooth then it would... READ MORE

How do I find a New York dentist (Long Island or New York City area) that has the most experience with Maryland bridges?

My daughter is missing several permanent teeth (a few are in the front and very visible). Until she is old enough for a determination as to whether... READ MORE

How do you decide what kind of dentist to go to?

I went to my dentist who I've always trusted and he said that my mouth was a mess. I'm 51 and have had a lot of issues with my teeth. He said I had... READ MORE

Want my lumineers removed after 8 years. Can the natural smile be restored?

I have 8 lumineers on my upper teeth. I have had them for approximately 8 years now. I have never been happy with the look of them. Recently, they are... READ MORE

Can you recommend any orthodontist who can reopen the extraction space in Fort Lee,NJ?

Can you recommend any orthodontist who can reopen the extraction space in Fort Lee,NJ. It can be around my town. I am not happy with my new face due... READ MORE

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