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Options to Save Cracked Teeth?

Bit a hard thing, my tooth #5 vertically cracked, all the way to the root, I believe. After a month the pain in eating is reduced, but the tongue side... READ MORE

Can Vertically Cracked Tooth Salvaged? (photo)

Since the sharp, deep, great pain in chewing comes down to minor after a month, I infer that my body, taking vegetarian and much raw foods, may have... READ MORE

Does my 10 Year Old Need Root Canals? (photo)

My 10 year old cracked the roots of his two top front teeth horizontally midway between the gumline and the tip of the roots. An endodontis told us... READ MORE

What Are Options for 10 Year Olds Cracked Roots? (photo)

Attached is an x-ray that was taken 2 weeks ago of the cracks in my 10 year old sons roots. Another x-ray taken 2 days ago (I do not have a copy)... READ MORE

Replace dental bridge or go with Implants? Currently have a 3 unit bridge for teeth #3, 4 & 5 (missing tooth was #5)

I had a 3 unit bridge replaced in April 2012. Just 15 months later the abutment tooth cracked under the bridge (tooth#3). Apparently this tooth... READ MORE

Do You Think a Root Canal is Proper Treatment for a Cracked Tooth?

Some how I cracked my tooth and the dentist is suggesting a root canal. I'm a ice chewer and I do think this is how I cracked my tooth. Its tooth #13... READ MORE

Does this x-ray show an abscess / infection in the gums under #28? X-ray taken three months after root canal. (photos)

Random pain has been continuing for three months after my root canal. My endodontist claimed that all was well at first, but during my second visit,... READ MORE

I just had a crack in my upper tooth and the dentist filled the tooth. Now I am having constant pain. How long will it last?

I recently just had a tooth filled because the tooth was cracked it was a upper molar and now it is constantly hurting the dentist took xray and saw... READ MORE

Tooth cracks, enamel loss, cavities and sensitivities. What options do I have? (Photo)

I brush 2 a day (sometimes 3). I have never had a problem with my teeth and only one as a child. (I am now 33). The last year I have been getting... READ MORE

Can getting veneers cause a tooth crack? (photo)

I got veneers on my top front teeth (4 of them) 6 months ago. After a few months, I noticed (#9) tooth gum line got red and it took a few months till... READ MORE

How severe is my cracked front right tooth? (photos)

My previous intimate partner Yanked a glass bottle from my mouth while I was drinking and it cracked my front right tooth next to my left front tooth.... READ MORE

Do I need a veneer? What other options do I have?

I have a slight vertical crack in my front tooth. There's no pain and it is not very noticeable except to me and my dentist. He mentioned getting 1... READ MORE

Do you think they can help my teeth?

Ok. So.i have five teeth that are black and cracked to my gum..and the rest have cavitys. I didn't have the best home life and was never taken to the... READ MORE

It looks like I have a cracked tooth syndrome. Dentist is recommending full crown rather than onlay. Is this correct?

I had a composite done in april, july i had pain when biting down on hard food, certain spot. went back to dentist, xrays were done, exam, no high... READ MORE

I'm 16 and I have a dead front tooth, what can I do?

Ive had a dead front tooth for about 2/3 years now.I haven't don't anything to it.It had a tiny crack in the middle but,the crack didn't make my tooth... READ MORE

What I need to do with my upper teeth? (photos)

When I was grade 4, I was running in my school then I was stumbled while my mouth is open. And this on cracked. We didn't go to dentist because my... READ MORE

Is it normal after a root canal/ temporary cap the area is in pain but when I put pressure on the tooth the pain go away?(photo)

The dentist said this was a sign that it was cracked and it needed to be extracted. I just had it extracted. As I'm looking at the tooth at home, I... READ MORE

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