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Composite Filling Sensitivity and Aching?

I got one several yrs ago and have had problems ever since. Immediately I noticed sensitivity to hot and cold. My tooth aches down deep and the gums... READ MORE

Is It Common for Part of a Dental Crown to Break off Within 5 Weeks After Crown Was Recemented?

Crown on my lower molar was loose. Dentist "popped" it off & recemented it. 5 wks later, a corner of crown fell off while I was eating.... READ MORE

I'm 15; Can I Get Porcelain Veneers or Composite Veneers?

I'm 15 turning 16 I'm December and I have a horror ally gummy smile. My gums are much larger than my teeth I feel really embarrassed and self... READ MORE

New Dentist Says Replacing Silver with Composite will Increase Chance of Root Canal, is This True?

My old dentist put metal fillings in teeth that are visible (the ones behind the bicuspids on both sides). You can see the metal through the sides if... READ MORE

Why does my tooth hurt after a composite filling?

About 2 weeks ago I had a small cavity filled on my right premoler and ever since I got it filled my whole tooth/jaw under my tooth has been sore and... READ MORE

Can you put a lighter shade composite on top of a darker composite?

I have a composite on my tooth, because it it darker than the rest of my teeth and the shape is smaller as well I have been weighing the option of... READ MORE

Porcelain vs composite fillings for small cavities. Which is best?

I have multiple cavities which are small (some are on top of tooth others are on the side of tooth) but my dentist recommend me to be filled with... READ MORE

Do Composite Fillings Need to Be Removed for Gum Graft?

My periodontist said that gingiva doesn't attach to composite filling on teeth. It only attached to cementum. So he has to remove my composite filling... READ MORE

My Dentist is Refusing to Give Me Dental Record of Pictures Before Veneers? What Could the Reason Be?

I got composite veneers done two weeks ago, and am not completely satisfied with the treatment. I'm still in the midst of my after care polishing... READ MORE

can I have white resin put on a tooth that is yellow? Will it look right? Can it be done? (Photo)

I have decalcification spots on most of teeth caused from braces. I have had composite resin put on 3 of my teeth and matched with the color of my... READ MORE

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