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My Front Teeth Are Thin, is Bonding the Answer?

I've had a history with an ED and as a result, my front teeth have become thin and are now starting to chip. I do not have insurance and am looking... READ MORE

Solution for my Toothwear (End to End Bite)?

I'm 60yrs and after 30yrs, I'm currently single again, and ready to see what's out there. The thing is; ever since I remember, my teeth... READ MORE

Front Tooth is Uneven? (photo)

When I was about 10 I fell and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth. The dentist shaved it a little bit and told me that he would shave the other... READ MORE

Can I Get my Teeth Fixed, with Paying Little to Nothing?

I'm wondering , is there anyway I can get my teeth fixed without having to pay out of pocket ... I have adult medicaid ... but I do not work an can't... READ MORE

Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost on Chipped and Discolored Teeth?

What is the average cost of a full mouth reconstruction for fixing several chipped teeth and having whitening done? What are the two best options for... READ MORE

What Procedure Will It Take for my Chipped Tooth to Look Normal Under a Black Light Again?

I had my #9 tooth chipped nearly in 1/2 at 20 I'm looking for a more permanent fix. I want to do as little damage as possible considering my age.... READ MORE

Cheap Options for Chipped Teeth and Gaps?

I have some spaces between my top teeth and chipping as well. My parents want to find somthing cheap. What are my options for this? READ MORE

My 8 Year Old Daughter Chipped Her Front Tooth Horizontally Pinhead Eposure of Root?

Is root canal needed? What are other alternatives? What is the risk? The other tooth is split vertically but root is not effected, what is the remedy? READ MORE

My 6 yr old daughters bottom 2 teeth are coming in but they are both growing in chipped ? Why is that & what should I do?

My 6 yr old daughters bottom 2 teeth are coming in but they are both growing in chipped ? Why is that & what should I do?? READ MORE

How Effective is CEREC in Correcting Chipped, Discolored Front Teeth?

One of my incisors is chipped and all of my front teeth are slightly darkened. Is Cerec an option? READ MORE

Bonding or Veneers on Short Incisors?

When I chipped a top front tooth as a child, both were filed down. Too short, slanted and 40 years hate my smile. My dentist is reluctant on bonding,... READ MORE

Is there a way to restore a front tooth after the dentist filed down too much? (photos)

I had a very small chip on my front tooth. I went to the dentist to see what she could do so that the edge would not bother me and she said that she... READ MORE

I Need to Know What to Ask my Dentist For? (photo)

You could say that im just okay with my teeth. I have an apt on the 12th and I need to know what to ask for. My teeth are all chipped especially my... READ MORE

Can a chipped front tooth be glued as a long term fix? Will I have to be extra careful for the rest of my life? (Photo)

I've had a chipped tooth since I was 8 years old. I'm 20 now. Yesterday my dentist told me he is going to fix my chipped tooth next week but I will... READ MORE

My teeth needfixed, but dentists disagree OR push veneers? (Photos)

My teeth have always been small, thin, & some small chips, but dentists never agree to file or use composite to fix saying "it looks fine enough" OR... READ MORE

I have a chipped tooth on my front. The dentist that I went to glued my chipped tooth back. How can I repair it? (Photo)

. The dentist doctor Said he would recommend vaneers on both of my front teeth.because if we did 1front tooth , it would be hard to match. Is there... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for upper teeth? My incisors are slightly tilted, partly chipped, and one tooth is overlapped (Photo)

Hi doctors. I am a 25 year old man who has had problematic teeth cosmetically. As the pics display, incisors are slightly tilted towards my right... READ MORE

What Procedures and Costs (Estimation) Am I Looking at to Get Straight and Healthy Teeth?

I've been told I have an 'overjet,' and when I was a kid, I fell and chipped my front tooth. The tooth replacement became miscolored (as you can see... READ MORE

What would be the best way to fix a worn and chipped upper front tooth if I have an underbite? (Photo)

I'm 43 years old and I have a worn down and chipped top tooth that has been caused gradually by an underbite from my bottom teeth. What would be the... READ MORE

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