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How Often Should I Floss Under a Fixed Dental Bridge for Proper Hygiene?

What are the side effects of not flossing enough or flossing too much? READ MORE

Can A Cavity Be Reversed Naturally?

Read so many studies that a small cavity can heal itself and decay gone by remineralization using fluoride and xylitol. Is this true? Can you actually... READ MORE

Fix Underbite First or Have Teeth Shaven?

I want to have my underbite fixed by a dentist and also have my teeth shaved down to fit the others in size. I thought about veneers but they are... READ MORE

Gum Graft on Cavity

Is it possible to perform a gum graft on a cavity (the cavity is not caused by carious, but due to trauma)? Would the gum attach? Or is it mandatory... READ MORE

I Want to Improve my Teeth? (photo)

I am unhappy with the overall appearance of my teeth. I want to know what are some of the options I have for improving my smile. I don't like the... READ MORE

Cavity Missed Due to 'Winged' X-ray?

Recently I had had my braces removed.Before I got braces the ortho took a winged x-ray.At the time I asked him if he could see any cavities.He told me... READ MORE

If You Use Toothpaste Without Fluoride Will You Get Cavities?

I suffer from Hypothyroidism and in my research, they say that fluoride is not good for people with low functioning thyroid. I heard many different... READ MORE

I hate my fillings, they look disgusting. I want to get rid of all of my cavities. What are my options? (photos)

I have sensitive teeth. Also alot of cavities what can I do to get rid of them and get back nice teeth. READ MORE

Full Mouth restoration?

My teeth are really bad literally filled with cavities. It hurts my self worth. i also suffer from bleeding gums and every time i tell my dentist he... READ MORE

My dentist is recommending root canal and capping all six of my front top teeth, Is this the best solution?

I have bonding on all six of my front top teeth because I have cavities there. I need to have the bonding touched up every year, even multiple times... READ MORE

cavities filled with amalgam 30 years ago

About 30 years ago I had 3 cavities filled with amalgam, my dentist recommends that I should have the amalgam removed and the cavities filled with... READ MORE

Do I have to get a broken tooth pulled if it has broken off below the gumline due to a failed root canal?

The dentist that did the root canal told me that it was in no danger of getting infected and needed no treatment since it was a root canal and the... READ MORE

Can i get a full mouth of teeth implants if my teeth are average and i have some cavities?

I have normal teeth but i wanna look like the stars. Will teeth implants do that? or make me look fake or old? i am getting jaw implants also and i... READ MORE

Composite-Filled Cavity on Front Tooth - Sensitivity and Feels Different

I had a cavity on my front tooth filled with composite resin (white bonding). After the cavity was placed, I am having sensitivity and the tooth does... READ MORE

Teeth Too Far Gone, and Completely Insulted by Dentist.. What To Do?

I have always had issues with my back teeth being weak and prone to cavities (I was premature) I receive a Medicaid card due to a heart illness.... READ MORE

Im 19, I had a cavity in my gum and half of the gum is broken, will it come back?

Im 19 i had a cavity in one of my gums , When chewing cookies i found out side of the gum where the cavity is was broken. Will it come back? Or will I... READ MORE

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