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I Want to Flatten my Top Sharp 'Canine' Teeth. How Much Should Should This Cost Per Tooth?

I'd like to make my canine teeth less fang like. What are my optionsand what would it approximately cost per tooth? Thanks! READ MORE

Treatment for Large Upper Canine Biting into my Lower Lip? (photo)

I have enlarged canines. The one on upper jaw right is particularly large and has pushed the next incisor in. I have been living with that for 50... READ MORE

My canine teeth were pulled a long time ago - Can they be replaced? (Photo)

How my canine teeth could be replaced. I look wearied when I smile. Is there alternative solution to improve my smile. Thanks READ MORE

What can be done to fix my high canine teeth? (Photo)

I'm 17 years old and I'm due to have braces this year (I hope) as I've been waiting 2 years for my self esteem to build up to actually go to the... READ MORE

Can I Leave my Baby Canines for Now?

I am 33 and still have both baby canines in my upper jaw. My adult canines are next to them where my adult incisors (next to the two top front teeth)... READ MORE

What Should I Do if my Top Left Canine Hasn't Come out Yet?

I'm 13 and the other canines fell out when I was 9 I went to the dentist and they gave me an orthodontist appointment. Apparently the tooth is twisted... READ MORE

Where and how can I replace my upper right lateral and canine tooth? (Photo)

Im 18 yr old and I live in somewhere in the area of Raleigh,nc (I don't want to give away my address). My lateral been broke for 1 an a half yr,leaks... READ MORE

Could my canine tooth be helped? (photo)

I wanted to know if my right lower canine teeth can be helped by any means... i'm very self conscious about it lately while i eat and speak and its... READ MORE

I have a baby canine tooth which is now loose. I am 17. What should I do?

The x-ray showed the presence of an impacted tooth which has turned its direction and is no where above my baby canine tooth READ MORE

Regarding my loose canine tooth, upper right. What can I do about it?

I did not get right upper canine permanent teeth .one doctor told me that it is baby teeth. But now it is loosing and I worried what I have to do now ... READ MORE

What Should I Do Next After Removal of Impacted Canine (Upper Left)?

At 12 I found an impacted canine. Upon completion of braces a surgeon attempted to remove it under LA yet failed. I lost my retainer & everything... READ MORE

I have a missing incisor tooth, can my canine tooth be shaped like my lateral incisor using veneers? (photo)

I dont want to get an implant and use caps... i want my teeth to be as natural as possible. please, advise and help... thanks READ MORE

My front tooth is overlapping and left canine is also sticking out. Do I need extraction to straighten? (Photo)

I'm a 17 year-old boy and my left front tooth is overlapping my other front tooth and my left canine is sticking out. All of my other teeth are quite... READ MORE

My left canine tooth is almost completely sideways. How can I fix it? (Photo)

At 14 my adult canine erupted on top of the baby one. I thought the new canine would push the other; it didn't happend and I had to extract the baby... READ MORE

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