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What Do I Do with my Very Badly Decayed Teeth?

I have very bad teeth...alot are broken off at gum line and the ones that are left are very decayed...what is my best option? READ MORE

Broken Teeth After Filling. What Are My Options?

One of my molar teeth had filling. When I was eating my teeth broke. One half is left behind. Only half of it is broken. What are the options to save... READ MORE

Does my 10 Year Old Need Root Canals? (photo)

My 10 year old cracked the roots of his two top front teeth horizontally midway between the gumline and the tip of the roots. An endodontis told us... READ MORE

I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved?

I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved? READ MORE

What Are Options for 10 Year Olds Cracked Roots? (photo)

Attached is an x-ray that was taken 2 weeks ago of the cracks in my 10 year old sons roots. Another x-ray taken 2 days ago (I do not have a copy)... READ MORE

Can an existing crown on a tooth be reused on a dental implant abutment?

I have an existing crown on a tooth (#10) that will be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. Tooth broke leaving small residual tooth material... READ MORE

I have a frontal bridge (8 teeth) on top, recently 2 teeth on the left side broke, what are my options? (Photo)

Hello, I have a frontal bridge (8 teeth) at the top that is cemented on posts, that will need to be replaced in the future as it become obsolete with... READ MORE

If a Tooth Broke & the Root is Still in & It Gets Abscessed How Dangerous is That?

I broke a tooth a couple of months ago. I have had medical bills big time lately (due to a medical condition I've had a few surgeries for, so money... READ MORE

My 9 year old broke the bottom part of his tooth off. Does he need root canal before it can be fixed?

My son was hit in the mouth by a swing and it broke the bottom half of his number9 top tooth off I've added a photo of his X-Ray does he really need... READ MORE

My back tooth broke off to the gum line. The crown fell off the tooth next to it. What is the hard bump?

Now where both broken top teeth on the gum line there is a hard bump which looks like the root is protruding threw. What is it. READ MORE

Broken tooth the dentist says is too decayed & has to extract. Why would treatment go directly to the most dramatic option?

I have a broken tooth that the dentist says is too decayed inside to save or even put a crown on it. He went straight to saying I have to have it... READ MORE

I have 3 broken teeth on the gum line, and one below. The gum has started to grow back over my tooth. How can I fix this?

I got three broken back teeth one is under the gum line two on the gum line whats the procedure and is it expensive and painful READ MORE

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