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What Can I Do About my Large Front Teeth That Stick Out? (photo)

I have oversized front teeth that are much larger than the teeth around it. Making matters worse, they are very upfront (although I'm not sure if it's... READ MORE

I Have Very Big Upper Incisors (Look Like Buck Teeth) How Can I Make Them Smaller? (photo)

I would like to get my teeth made smaller to get a confident smile, for the first time! Ive had braces and i am now 24, i shouldnt have to live with... READ MORE

My Front Teeth Are Too Big! Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I am already planning on having invisalign to straighten out my teeth again, as they have shifted since having braces as a teen. However, even when... READ MORE

What can I do to make my teeth smaller? (photo)

Hi I have hated my teeth for a long time now also I have had a jaw osteotomy and I don't think it has done much READ MORE

My front two teeth are too big They are longer than the others. What can I do to fix them?

My dentist suggested a brace, but I'm not sure as would the brace really change the shape and position of my chipmunk teeth?! They don't stick out,... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my big front teeth? (photo)

Lately I have been pretty insecure about my teeth, and that's mainly due to the fact that the front two seem so much larger than the rest of them.... READ MORE

What are my options if I am unhappy with the size of my 4 front teeth? (Photo)

IMO they are too large in size. I would like to *significantly* make them smaller both in length and width. I have had braces in the past when I was a... READ MORE

What options do I have for a better looking smile? (Photo)

I have three major insecurities with my smile. 1. My gums always show and its unsymmetric. 2. I hate my huge teeth. I would go as far as getting them... READ MORE

My front teeth appear large compared to me other teeth. What would be a fix for this? Filing them down? (photo)

They appear like squirrel teeth since they look big. My teeth are straight but the largeness of my front teeth bothers me and makes me feel self concious. READ MORE

What causes big teeth for age

My boy 12 year old have been told that his teeth are bigger for his age, what can be the cause? READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Oversized Teeth? (photo)

So I had braces for the longest time to fix my over bite and I thought my teeth would look fine when they were straight but I am CONSTANTLY teased for... READ MORE

I have very large upper incisor teeth, is there anything I can do to make them smaller?

I just really, really hate my smile, and I don't ever smile so that my teeth show. I have never had braces so my teeth are not 100% straight but the... READ MORE

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