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Fractional Co2 Laser: Large Pores - Permanent?

Are the results (2-3 treatments) with the Fractional Co2 laser for larger/deeper/noticable pores (facial) forever? Asuming that the 2-3 treatments... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar Still Red 5 Weeks After CO2 Laser Resurfacing. Will the Redness Go Away?

I had CO2 lazer resurfacing done on a hypertrophic (2 inch long) scar on my chin. Its original appearance was light pink with a medium firmness to it... READ MORE

Scratching After CO2 Laser Treatment. Have I Harmed Results?

I Had Co2 Laser Treatment 4days Back...n Due 2 Itching I Scratched my Skin..will It Harm? face READ MORE

Are These Fractional CO2 Results Realistic? (photo)

I was quite surprised by the improvement degree of the patient of the attached photo, from READ MORE

What fractional Co2 Lasers would give the same results in 2 moderate treatments as one aggressive treatment?

I had laser full face 8 years ago..Very aggressive treatment. I was a mess. It took months to get rid of the redness and i was going 3 times a week... READ MORE

Is the CO2 Ultra pulsed laser reliable for blepharoplasty surgery?

Is the CO2 Ultra pulsed laser reliable for blepharoplasty surgery? Are the results similar to those achieved with the scalpel procedure? Thank you READ MORE

No Improvement on Acne Scars (Co2 Laser)

I have acne scars ( shallow ) not too deep but can be seen when looking closly at my face . The plasic surgion said that I need 3 session of co2 laser... READ MORE

Is the Matrix CO2 Laser Worth It?

Wondering if the Matrix C02 laser is worth the expense and down time. I'm looking for wrinkle reduction (especially under eye and upper lip) and... READ MORE

Lines Returned 2 Weeks After CO2 Laser Treatment

I am a little upset after my co2 laser treatment. My dermatologist promised me that my wrinlkles will be gone. They were for several days and now they... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Results. Are These Reasonable Results or Did They Likely Have Another Treatment? (photo)

Is this a reasonable result to expect with CO2 laser is it likely the patient also had another treatment? Are these achievable results in your... READ MORE

Was not told about Pre- procedure Co2 Laser instructions. Will I not achieve optimal results?

After leaving the plastic surgeons office I received a sheet with pre and post laser instructions. I did not know or was advise to use retin- A and... READ MORE

Do you get better results from the fractional co2 if treatments are spaced longer apart?

Hello, I am getting 5 aggressive treatments of the Matrix Fractional co2 done for my moderate acne scarring. These treatments will be spaced about 4-6... READ MORE

Can I switch between non-CO2 and CO2 Pixel Laser and see better results? What is the difference between the two procedures?

My dad owns a medical spa. They perform non-CO2 pixel lasers at aggressive settings. I have seen results, but the scars are not completely gone. If I... READ MORE

How many more treatments until I see some good results from getting the CO2 Fractional laser done? (photo)

This will be second time doing the treatment. For now I don't really see that much of a difference so to speak. How long do people usually see a... READ MORE

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