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Not Much Pain After Co2 Laser Treatment - Normal?

I had a Co2 Laser treatment this morning and maybe about 2-3 hours after the treatment all the pain and burning feelings had gone even though I... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 - Should I Worry About Under Eye Scarring?

I've been thinking about getting fractional Co2 laser, but I read a story about some of the problems that can result - one of which was under eye... READ MORE

I did fractional CO2 laser on 22 Aug 14. May I know if the scar on my face is normal? These photos were taken on 9/2/14. (photo)

Will my treatment scar ever go away? I feel like going for 2nd opinion but my dermatologist said that it takes time to heal. But as I went through the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have lines (indentations) on your face after CO2 laser? I'm 8 days out and getting concerned.

I got my CO2 fractional laser (dot therapy) done 8 days ago. I'm still red and heeling but all my skin has peeled. I have these red indentation lines... READ MORE

Skin condition right after the treatment. Is this normal? (Photo)

This is my skin right after the 1st treatment (day 1). Is it normal? Is there anything i should be worried about? I must say i have severe and deep... READ MORE

I had eco2 laser resurfacing 4 weeks ago. My face is still red with grid marks and lines. Is this normal?

My face is still very red with grid marks and lines. Is this normal? Have you seen patients that took this long to heal? READ MORE

Is extreme redness usual five days post treatment?

The bleeding is nearly stopped, but five days post-treatment (full face CO2 laser -- two passes over entire face with third pass over keratoses on... READ MORE

Is this normal? Or did I get burned by my CO2 DOT laser experience? (Photo)

Yesterday I went in for a C02 DOT Fractional Laser appointment. It's too late for me to call my doctor's office right now, but I'm a little concerned... READ MORE

Did laser 2 days ago. Skin have turned brown. Is this normal? (Photo)

Did this two days ago and skin have turned brown the next day. When can I expect peeling? Will my skin colour be uneven because I got it done on... READ MORE

Do you have patients buy skin care products from you office before you'll do the CO2? Is this normal practice?

I finally found an office after numerous consults, to do the CO2 I've been wanting. Today the coordinator said that the Dr. wouldn't do the CO2 unless... READ MORE

Recovering from Fractional Laser CO2. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had fractional laser CO2 3 weeks ago and my face now looks like this in the photos. Is this normal? READ MORE

I had full face co2 about a month ago, and the skin under my eyes has turned really brown. Is that normal?

I had a full face co2 about a month ago. The skin under my eyes has turned really Dark brown. Is this normal? Will it fade or do I need to do... READ MORE

Is It Normal for C02 Laser to Leave Bitmap-like Indentations 7 Weeks After the Procedure?

It's been 7 weeks and I STILL have bitmap-like indentations in my skin - even where the redness has decreased. It looks like I have big pores now,... READ MORE

Had CO2 Fractional Laser 16 Days Ago; Why is my Skin Extremely Dry and Continues to Peel?

My skin continues to peel; my forehead and nose seem to be back to normal but my cheeks and chin and upper lip area are extremely tight and continue... READ MORE

My Neck is Very Raw and Red and Peeling 7 Days After Equinox. Is This Normal?

My face is doing well still red and my chest and neck are real painful itch,sore red and raw READ MORE

CO2 deep laser treatment. Is it normal to have major swelling under tape 5 days after procedure? (Photo)

I had a deep CO2 laser treatment. Tape was put on my face, my face was somewhat swollen the first 2 days and then went down. My face then swelled like... READ MORE

Is The Patch Test is an Obligation? I Will Have the Co2 Laser and my Doctor Said It is Unnecessary. It This Normal?

Is The Patch Test is an Obligation?I Will Make the Co2 Laser and my Doctor Said It is Unnecessary. It This Normal? READ MORE

SCAR treatment Breast reduction twenty years ago and fractional c02 laser 1 year ago: Scars a lot darker (Photo)

A) is this normal for the scar to widen as its wider underneath the skin. B) why would it get darker, could it be laser burn, it was very red for up... READ MORE

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