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My Mid Facelift Does Not Look Sucessful to Me. Surgeon Said I Still Need Co2 Laser.

My mid facelift does not look sucessful to me. My sugeon said I would not be happy with a neck lift only, but my mid face still looks saggy. When I... READ MORE

How Effective is the Affirm Fractionated Co2 Laser and Do You Think I Would See Some Improvement?

I am 56 yrs young and in need of some facial and neck overhauling, I'd like to wait until I'm to have an invasive proceedure done..I started... READ MORE

I had co2 laser on full face & neck 6 months ago. Now I have laser tracking lines on most of my face. What should I do? (photos)

The doctor who performed the co2 laser procedure wants to do my face again but this time will go the opposite way with the laser. I am very... READ MORE

Why do doctors have differing opinions about Co2 Laser on the neck area?

I have been thinking about co2 for face and neck. I have been told by several doctors that the neck area is not an ideal area due to high rick of... READ MORE

How can I treat major swelling and itching after second laser treatment?

It's been several hours since the treatment. Have put ice on it and used cortisone cream and Aloe but it's still getting worse. On and under my chin... READ MORE

Aftercare after CO2 Ablative Laser for a Scar Revision to Neck. (photo)

Hi Doctors, I just had a large bad scar on my neck and chin lasered at Mass General Hospital by a top surgeon. It crusted over with a dark crust... READ MORE

Which is best for freckles, Co2 laser or advanced laser?

I have freckles on left side face and neck..they appeared when I was 8yrs old.they are light brown in colour.mostly on upper left lip left forehead... READ MORE

I had CO2 Laser procedure on my face & neck by an aesthetician. Would appreciate your opinion if you think I'm on track

I'm wondering if I should I have asked more questions - what the level/depth of the laser should be to get the ultimate benefit? Some photos I've seen... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post op and have rash on neck below treated area. What type of aquaphor should I buy?

I had co2 laser resurfacing 5 days ago to face and neck. I had follow up today with Plastic Surgeon and he said I'm healing well. I'm done peeling,... READ MORE

I had CO2 fractional laser 3 days ago on face. My neck has swollen up but I only did my face? (Photo)

Is this normal and my face perled a b d getting darker again will it peel again READ MORE

Dot Laser -Olive skin - Demerol fat pull through my lips, Lace tie neck lift. Can you give me some information please? (Photo)

I've been reading a lot about the CO2 Laser,is that the same as the Dot? I want 1 treatment &will have Great Results,Short Healing Time.Not fearing... READ MORE

How to get rid of verruca on face?

Had co2 laser on face neck and chest last march. Lower face neck did not heal for several months. Had lesions biopsied and they are verruca. I had... READ MORE

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