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When Can I Return to My Normal Skin Care Routine After CO2 Laser Resurfacing? (photo)

I need to know when I can start my normal skin routine after co2 laser resurfacing!! I use proactive and i am not sure if it will affect my healing... READ MORE

I Had a C02 Lasar on 10/21. My Skin is Not Red and Has No Brown Spots So I Assume my Skin His Healed. Am I Correct?

A small area of doscoloration is still on my face. Can I use 4% hydroquinone on this area? Can I begin to use Retin A .05% as part of my skin care... READ MORE

Dermal Abrasion Ander GA After Fractional Co2 Laser?

I'm female 39 year i did fractional co2 laser 4 session for acne scar and skin texture I didn't find the result I want I'm tired of experience the... READ MORE

Post CO2 Redness Normal? (photo)

Hi, I just had a CO2 on a small area of my face to remove a stubborn acne scar. It has been 2 mths n still red. Doctor says to keep it dry. It will... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a co2 laser procedure full face and neck on Thursday next and I am worried about healing time?

With the holiday at the end of the month and my birthday the same weekend, I am getting scared. Doc says 30 days is plenty, is that true? I am 55 and... READ MORE

Should my co2 treatment look this bad after 5 weeks? (photos)

I g healing?ot a c o 2 treatment under general anesthesia 5 weeks ago with other procedures. My face is very red looking like a serious sunburn with... READ MORE

What advice can you give in regard to my disfigured nose caused by rosacea and/or rhinophyma? (Photo)

I met w/a laser specialist who recommended that I try erbium laser instead of a CO2 laser because my skin color is darker (Indian descent) & he didn't... READ MORE

Had fractional CO2 laser and it left a large mark, the top border of which is indented slightly. Will it heal this way? (photo)

Had CO2 laser treatment yesterday for acne scarring. Although the Dr. told me they would be going at a higher strength on my cheeks, I came home with... READ MORE

13 days post op CO2 laser, should I be concerned or is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

I got a CO2 laser treatment done 13 days ago. Initially, my skin was smooth but red. However, the skin on my cheeks has become rough and bumpy. It is... READ MORE

Fraxel CO2 for treating scars. I felt like one of my scars opened. Will this be healed?

I have done with my 2. fraxel co2 session. This time is really very bad, I felt like one of my scars opened and get bigger. Will this be healed by the... READ MORE

I'm thinking to do Co2 laser for acne treatment and acne scars removal, is it safe to be done in Summer?

Hi? I'm thinking to do Co2 laser for acne treatment and acne scars removal, is it safe to be done in Summer? And does it treat acne permanently?... READ MORE

Acne with Laser Resurfacing? (photo)

I can not get ahold of my dermatologist I am 6 days post op from going under general anesthesia for CO2 laser resurfacing i am now breaking out... READ MORE

I'm 16 Can Can Co2 Laser Remove Fordyces Spots?

Does Removing Fordyces Spots with Co2 Laser Hurt? Will it heal will they come back? READ MORE

Delayed healing from c02 laser?

I had c02 laser in august 2012. my face is still swollen, i get red sores and my face has red botches that get more intense later in the day. i have... READ MORE

How long until I see full recovery after having CO2 laser treatment on my vaginal and anal areas?

I went to a clinic that specialises With this kind of treatment. CO2 laser was done 2 weeks ago on those areas to bleach the extreme hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

How long would it take for the necrosis to heal after the surgery if it does occur?

I'm going for a nose job but not the usual one, the skin on my nose is very thick and the surgeon said the only way is to burn a thin layer of it away... READ MORE

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