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Best CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Is there a difference between the UltraPulse CO2 laser and Fraxel or Pixel lasers?  I'm confused by all the different names and think the... READ MORE

How Deep Do Traditional CO2 Lasers Go?

I know that the newer Fractional CO2 lasers can go up to 1.6mm deep, but how does that compare to the older CO2 fully ablative lasers? Also do the... READ MORE

CO2, Fraxel or Thermage for Eye Area?

There are so many laser scams and false promises going on out there! I am 28, have great skin, I am just now experiencing droppiness and loose skin... READ MORE

Which is the Best Machine for Fractional CO2 ?

I wanted to know apart from Fraxel Repair which is the best machine available for Fractional CO2. I dont have Fraxel Repair available in my country,... READ MORE

Which Procedure is More Painful CO2 or Lower Face Surgery Post Surgery?

I have a very low pain tolerance, and I would like to know what is more painful during recovery: CO2 or lower face surgery? I am aware that they... READ MORE

Are Any Drs in Southeast Using Ultrapulse C02 - (Ablative & Non-fractional)? & Cost?

In researching the best and most cost efficient laser, the CO2 still seems to stand out. I am looking for a doctor in the southeast who still utilizes... READ MORE

Thermi or SMAS, Co2 Fractional Laser and Bleph--can you really get good 'facelift like' results with the new Thermi procedures?

I am 55 with mild wrinkles on my cheeks, 'orange peel' texture on my chin, relatively deep crows feet and some laxity on my neck. My Dr. recommends... READ MORE

What advice can you give in regard to my disfigured nose caused by rosacea and/or rhinophyma? (Photo)

I met w/a laser specialist who recommended that I try erbium laser instead of a CO2 laser because my skin color is darker (Indian descent) & he didn't... READ MORE

22 years old, so many depressed scars from chickenpox. Can multiple sessions of FCO2 laser resurfacing improve it?

I wanna ask if multiple sessions of fco2 laser resurfacing procedure can really improve deep chickenpox scars? Or is it subsicion and microneedling... READ MORE

Sciton Erbium Profile laser vs. CO2? How effective? & is it as painful as CO2? I've had CO2 in 2011, I'm 42 now.

Getting lines around the mouth. Ugh! The C02 fractionated was awesome around my eyes... I didn't have those ugly lines around the mouth then though. I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for CO2 laser and fillers with some botox, or do I need a full facelift? (Photo)

I am 66. I have large pores, fine lines and wrinkles but my biggest problem is my mouth has a downward turn which makes me look sad/depressed. Is CO2... READ MORE

What treatment would you recomend me to have to treat the scars I have on my cheek area? CO2 laser or erbium?

I have had consultation with three doctors and now I am really confused. The first doctor thinks that 3-4 mild CO2 laser treatments are best for me (3... READ MORE

Would laser treatment be a good option for surgical scar from cyst removal? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I would like to ask what types of laser would be the best treatment for the surgical scar on my face (photos attached)? Would co2 or... READ MORE

Which is best for freckles, Co2 laser or advanced laser?

I have freckles on left side face and neck..they appeared when I was 8yrs old.they are light brown in colour.mostly on upper left lip left forehead... READ MORE

Retin Q After CO2 Fractional Laser?

Had CO2 Fractional Laser a month ago with fabulous results. Nurse practitioner that I see thinks I should be on retin A M.D. that did laser says it's... READ MORE

Ematrix Vs Fractional Co2 Laser?

Under 30 years,skintype 2-2,5. Larges pores, little wrinkels, texture improvement goals. Is Ematrix more similar/equal to a Fract Co2 or a fractional... READ MORE

What Are the Best Traditional CO2 Lasers for a Facial Scar?

I have had fractional Erbium (Sciton) treatments as well as Fraxel 1540 treatments to soften the appearance of a small scar on my forehead. While I... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a CO2 Fraxel Laser and a Palomar 1540 Laser?

I am wanting to eliminate and/or reduce sun damage and fine lines, which product would be better suited? READ MORE

Which Will Bring Better Results for Aging Skin. COs Fraxel or Jessners/tca Peel

Which Will Bring Better Results for Aging Skin.  COs Fraxel or Jessners/tca Peel READ MORE

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