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Rash 4 Weeks Post Microablative Co2 Fractional Laser Treatment

The rash started approximately 5 days post procedure. Started as a red, itchy rash on one side of forehead, progressed to both jaw lines, then cheeks.... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Now? Tried Fraxel For Acne Scars On Cheeks.

I am 28 so I don't want to do too much to my skin before the time comes, but I am still bothered by acne scars on my cheeks. I have had three Fraxel... READ MORE

11 days post op CO2 laser resurfacing, I have really dry skin. Is this normal?

I had CO2 laser resurfacing on my face 11 days ago. All the peeling's done now, but the skin on my cheeks is so dry that it feels like sandpaper. I... READ MORE

Did Dr. Go Too Deep? Scar Caused by CO2 Laser. (photo)

I had the CO2 laser procedure done 16 days ago. The scar in the picture was about the size of a pencil eraser prior to procedure. It is now bigger... READ MORE

Prolonged facial swelling after laser treatment - Is this permanent?

I received several sessions of Revlite laser on my face 10 months ago and the area of my right upper cheek and side is still swollen, though not as... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 ruined my face. Why? (Photo)

After 2nd treatment, i use hydra boost mask and had these sudden dents on my cheek, one day later i consult doc who ask me use retin 0.025, he said my... READ MORE

Traditional Ablative CO2 Laser For Spot Scar Treatment?

My doctor wants to spot treat with the traditional CO2 laser for acne scars. I have a total of 10 or so boxcar and icepicks scars on my cheeks,... READ MORE

Crepey skin on lower cheek close to mouth area. Will CO2 fix this? What are my other options?

Not wrinkles but best way to describe them are "crinkles" ;/ I'm only 38 CO2 Laser or...Have done lots of tanning in my younger days and paying for it... READ MORE

Post CO2 laser, what would you recommend for skin care regimen?

I had my co2 laser procedure (cheeks only due to acne scars) on Aug. 25th. I use Aquaphor at home, and Lycogel Breathable Camouflage when I go out... READ MORE

Can I apply fake tanner if I had fractional CO2 laser resurfacing 8 months ago? (photo)

Just had laser treatment on my cheeks. I have stayed out of the sun. self fake tan like sprays or mousses? READ MORE

Had fractional CO2 laser and it left a large mark, the top border of which is indented slightly. Will it heal this way? (photo)

Had CO2 laser treatment yesterday for acne scarring. Although the Dr. told me they would be going at a higher strength on my cheeks, I came home with... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness after CO2 laser. Any suggestions?

I am just over 2.5 months post procedure but I seem to have this puffiness & reddish color on my upper cheek (malar bag area) , one side only. I... READ MORE

What treatment would you recomend me to have to treat the scars I have on my cheek area? CO2 laser or erbium?

I have had consultation with three doctors and now I am really confused. The first doctor thinks that 3-4 mild CO2 laser treatments are best for me (3... READ MORE

Difference between plastic surgeon and medical spa? (photo)

I have gotten multiple pixel C02 lasers at a medical spa for scarring on my left cheek (picture attached). They did the laser on the highest setting,... READ MORE

How many fraxel laser treatments and Co2 laser treatments do I need for flawless skin? (photos)

Exactly how many fraxel lasers and Co2 lasers do I need for the most flawless skin I can possibly get. I am 20 years old and I am pretty young and I... READ MORE

CO2 first. Fillers next? What do you suggest? (Photo)

Hi. I am scheduled to have C02 laser Full Face on July 1st with Erbium around my lips, mouth and eyes. After improving my skin texture what do you... READ MORE

White Patches on Cheeks After CO2 Laser Facial Resurfacing

I had the co2 facial resurfacing one week ago. My skin is nice and pink and smooth except on my my checks. It looks like white patches (not the same... READ MORE

Cheeks are Red and Bumpy 1 Month Post-Op CO2, What Do You Recommend?

I had co2 a month ago, as I have pores on my cheeks. This was my second session as my first session was that successful. its been a month noe and my... READ MORE

I had CO2 fractional laser, my skin appears crumple and dents. Is this normal?

Fractional co2 the 3rd times now the 5th month the skin appear crumple and dents and pores very obvious even no more swelling my right cheek suddenly... READ MORE

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