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Can I Get Implants Instead of Dentures with Poor Gums?

Due to the poor condition of my gums, I thought my only option was dentues, so I went to one of those 'cheap' dentures places about a year ago... READ MORE

Is a Dental Implant-supported Bridge a Wise Choice for 4 Front Upper Teeth and 4 Front Lower Teeth?

I have had a partial for 4 years and have a small mouth. Oral surgeon recommends 2 implants on top and 2 implants on bottom supporting a bridge?... READ MORE

Clear Choice Dental Implants, Marketing Hype or Quality Care?

There are really mixed reviews on the quality of care received from Clear Choice Dental Implants. A lot of people state that they feel they were... READ MORE

Best Solution for 8 Missing Teeth

I been having dental issues for a while. And I lost 8 teeth. Will a flipper help fill these 8 teeth in or a bridge? READ MORE

How Are Dentures Anchored by Implants?

What circumstances require this? Is this an option for people because of the cost? READ MORE

Am I Making the Right Decision?

I have left a deposit to have a full upper and lower implant four on four, when I return to Florida from N.J. in September. After reading the reviews... READ MORE

I understand you recommend implants, but is there a less costly way to do this?

Ibut having been through the consult process, for 3 implants w bone graft, a 4 tooth bridge and 1 crown, it was going to cost me $30,000. I have no... READ MORE

My Bottom Dentures Are Very Loose What Can I Do Please?

My dentist says because my bottom gums have shrunk a new set would not be any better READ MORE

Have need of a third proposal on implants - where to go?

My dentist has told me that I have 3 options for my upper teeth: Dentures: $5,300, Snap on Dentures with 4 implants, $13,500, and full implants @... READ MORE

Am I likely to need a bone graft for upper teeth dental implants? (photo)

4wks ago I lost my top right tooth, it came out with roots fully attached when I fell over.My left top tooth was left badly chipped. My dentist has... READ MORE

I had upper teeth extracted Nov. 4. I have a ridge of bumpy bones along my gums?

Its sore when I press on the area. Will this go away? Shouldn't my gums be smooth for dentures to be comfortable? READ MORE

What's a permanent of option besides dentures and partials for top missing teeth???

Would like to see if there was a permanent option for my top teeth. Also my front teeth are becoming crooked as well what can I do??? Besides dentures... READ MORE

Does having periodontalitis plys cracked fillings make me ineligible for dental implants?

To whom it may concern: I live in Northern California near the capital. I am 25 years old. I've lost a total of three teeth since I was 18 due to the... READ MORE

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