Weak Chin + Chin Surgery

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Best Way to Correct my Weak Chin/jaw

I'm 23 years old, looking to get a stronger chin to better balance my face - what would be the best possible way to do this? Thanks. READ MORE

My chin wrinkles up when I close my mouth! Help? (Photo)

Hello! Whenever I close my mouth, my chin wrinkles up. The only time my chin is relaxed is when my mouth is hanging slightly open. I find it annoying... READ MORE

I Don't Have a Jawline? (photo)

I've always had a weak chin/jawline and it's only getting worse.. I've had braces to try and correct my overjet, with little to no improvement. I have... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery and HIV. Am I a Good Candidate?

I have always felt like I had a weak chin and that it was making my face a little bit unbalanced (and a tad feminine), and I have been thinking... READ MORE

Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

So I'm 16 and iv'e always been very self conscious about my lower jaw and chin. It feel as if I either have a short lower jaw, a weak chin, or both in... READ MORE

Do I have a weak jawline and should I get jaw surgery to fix my under bite? (Photo)

I have a slight under bite and I also feel like I have a weak chin because sometimes when I smile it looks like I have a double chin. I have had... READ MORE

Weak Chin As a Result of Rhinoplasty?(photo)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty few months ago but I think that my chin is too weak compared to my forehead and nose and the start of my lips. Also, one of... READ MORE

Do I Have a Weak Chin and Need Cosmetic Chin Surgery?

I've always thought I had a small/weak chin and it's always bothered me. I have really high cheek bones and I believe my chin makes my face look very... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Help with Weak Chin? (photo)

Hello. I'm currently 18 years old and I've been very insecure with my chin for a long time. I want to fix it! I'm not sure what is the best solution... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Sliding Genioplasty Even Though I Have an Underbite?

I have a weak chin that I would like to get augmented with a sliding genioplasty however I do have an underbite. Is it possible to get this kind of... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Chin Surgery?

I had a rhinoplasty few months ago but I think that my chin is too weak compared to my forehead and nose and the start of my lips. Also, one of my... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Chin/neck Area? (photo)

My face basically recedes directly into my neck without any clear chin definition. I am 19 years old and skinny so it isn't a weight issue. I was... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for bimaxillary jaw surgery?

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I feel that I have a very weak chin, jaw bonestructure and I'm not very comfortable with it. I... READ MORE

What would you recommend for receding chin and overjet/overbite, sliding genioplasty and lipo? (photos)

Hi: I believe I have a weak/receding chin and jaw, an excess of chin and neck fat (which bundles up whenever I lower my head), as well as... READ MORE

Is there something wrong with my chin after Sliding Genioplasty? Desperately want a reversal! (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op from double jaw surgery and genioplasty. I had an anterior open bite and both my jaws were advanced forward. The genioplasty was... READ MORE

Chin fillers, chin implant, or corrective jaw surgery? (photo)

I am 22 and have a very weak chin and unappealing profile. I feel like this make my face look round, my nose look big and gives me no overall... READ MORE

I Have Weak Jawline and Receding Chin, and Protruding Teeth; What Can I Do? (photo)

In addition i also have protruding upper teeth due to which i cannot close my mouth if my lips are relaxed. but i dont have any difficulty in chewing... READ MORE

21 Years Old and I Have a Weak Bumpy Chin. What Are My Options? (photo)

I am 21 years old and I have a weak chin. It is bumpy and makes me look mad and frowning all the time and makes it look like I have jowls. I weigh 118... READ MORE

What Type of Surgery or Procedure Would I Need for my Chin/jaw/lip? (photo)

I have asked a question about chin implants before but I think my lip may be an issue. I'm 20 and have had braces to "fix" my overbite.... READ MORE

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