Underbite + Chin Surgery

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Weak Chin - Jaw Surgery Vs. Chin Implant?

Hi, I have suffered from TMJ pain for about 4 years. I have tried various methods (night guard, soft foods, massage, etc) with no success. I have made... READ MORE

Underbite: Moving Upper Jaw Forward or Lower Jaw Back?

My surgeon said there were 2 options for correcting an underbite. Should I let my lower jaw moved back or my upper jaw moved forward? what's the... READ MORE

How Risky is to Undo Sliding Genioplasty?

6 month ago I had a BSSO to bring my lower jaw inside, to correct my under-bite problem. My doctor recommended to do a sliding genioplasty... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Surgery or Surgery for an Underbite?

When i'm not smiling, even from the side view (don't have a picture) my chin/jaw is not prominent.. so that is why i'm wondering IF I need... READ MORE

Do I have a weak jawline and should I get jaw surgery to fix my under bite? (Photo)

I have a slight under bite and I also feel like I have a weak chin because sometimes when I smile it looks like I have a double chin. I have had... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Sliding Genioplasty Even Though I Have an Underbite?

I have a weak chin that I would like to get augmented with a sliding genioplasty however I do have an underbite. Is it possible to get this kind of... READ MORE

Am I the Only One Who Sees This Facial Asymmetry? (photo)

I plan on having a maxillary advancement for my underbite Rhinoplasty for my broken nose Chin reduction/augmentation with jaw implants because my chin... READ MORE

Need Chin and Nose Reduction, But I'm Worried About My Jaw Moving (photo)

I am also concerned about moving my upper jaw forward due to underbite. My teeth were corrected with braces as a child tho my chin is still too long.... READ MORE

Wen I was 8 I had a compacted fracture on my chin from a head on collision. How much would bone grafting surgery cost? (Photo)

The right side of the tip of my chin compacted in the accident and caused me to get an underbite. (Lower jaw slid back in my sleep) Shadows cover the... READ MORE

Would a chin lift cause further nerve damage?

35 years ago I had corrective surgery for an underbite. As a result, on the right side of my face I have nerve damage that has effected a muscle and... READ MORE

Diagnosis and recommendations for my problems? (photos)

Hello! Two years ago I started orthodontic treatment and have had braces, and also a twin block to correct my bad underbite and curled lip... READ MORE

Is Chin Reduction Surgery Better or Underbite Surgery in my Case?

When I was little, I was treated for an underbite using an expander and headgear. Now I am 14 and I have braces and my underbite is basically... READ MORE

Jaw surgery? I have underbite but I'm not wearing braces. (photo)

Surgeon advise me to to double jaw surgery or lower jaw.but I can't afford it.Do I have any other options like chin reduction/jaw and chin surgery... READ MORE

Any doctors that can perform chin reduction/burring on the east coast?

Some doctors said I needed to have my jaws surgically realigned, but I don't have time for all of that. My teeth and bite are perfect, but my... READ MORE

Can you give me some information about jaw surgery and nose issue?

Hello, I have a class 3 malocclusion (underbite). I need a surgery to correct it. Is it possible to perform a mandibular recession (Epker surgery)... READ MORE

I have no insurance. How much it would possibly cost for surgery on my jaw? Are braces needed before?

What type of surgery would i need?i have a serious underbite and my jaw is completely off and makes my face look extremely un centered.im highly self... READ MORE

I have an underbite and my chin pushes out really far. How do I fix this? (Photo)

What could I do to help it until I get money to get the actual surgery? READ MORE

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