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Would Jaw Surgery Help with a Pointy Chin and Make Smile Wider?

I have a witch profile. Would jaw surgery balance it out, or something else. Would Invisalign help? READ MORE

How Can I Reshape my Chin when 2 Surgeons Already Declined?

I need to know what ways my chin can be reshaped. From profile view, it looks proportionate to my face, but from frontal view it looks long and... READ MORE

Can Chin Surgery Change Smile?

I'm going to have chin surgery because the doctor says that my lower lip is too short. He will push my chin up a little, but the thing is that I... READ MORE

Chin Reduction for More Proportioned Face when Smiling?

My features in my face all over arr okay when I'm not smiling. But when I'm smiling, my face looks out of proportion. A big part of the problem is my... READ MORE

My Chin Juts out when I Smile. Botox or Reduction Surgery? Dental Surgeon or Plastic? Cost? (photo)

2 plastic surgeons turned me down. The 1st didnt think I needed it because my relaxed chin projection was nearly appropriate. The 2nd because nobody... READ MORE

What is the best surgery option for a crooked smile and protruding chin? (photo)

I have had braces and currently and I feel like it changes my face shape. My chin is a lot longer after wearing braces and my smile is crooked. I... READ MORE

How can I shorten my super long chin? It gets even worse when I smile. (photo)

I have a very long, oval, face and I'm looking for a way to make it not seem as long. My chin is definitely bigget and when I smile it gets even... READ MORE

What surgery (if any) can fix my uneven jaw? (Photo)

Hello, I have a noticeable uneven jawline, that has been progressing as I get older. What worries me, are my teeth are aligned straight. If I push my... READ MORE

Wen I was 8 I had a compacted fracture on my chin from a head on collision. How much would bone grafting surgery cost? (Photo)

The right side of the tip of my chin compacted in the accident and caused me to get an underbite. (Lower jaw slid back in my sleep) Shadows cover the... READ MORE

Why does my chin stick out like this? How can I fix it? (photos)

When I smile I get a double chin type thing with deep lines either side of my chin. It is also seen when I talk or just generally open my mouth. I am... READ MORE

Is there a way to correct my crooked chin? (photos)

My face and chin appear crooked in pictures from camera phones nobody seems to notice this or point it out in person and when i mention it they say im... READ MORE

Suboptimal result after chin/jaw correction/revision. How can this be fixed? Can Medpor safely be removed years later? (Photo)

Sliding genioplasty done 14 years ago, but my chin was still more symmetrical than after a bad revision where the surgeon only operated on one side.... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin or bimaxillary protrusion? (Photo)

My profile while I smile is much better than relaxed. READ MORE

Can the lateral length of the jaw be increased using chin implants, to make my face look longer?

Chin not in proportion with my face.I have to keep my upper & lower teeth 1/2 an inch apart to give the illusion that it is proportional.I have uneven... READ MORE

What options do I have to treat my overactive chin muscle? (Photo)

When I smile, laugh or talk, my chin muscle tightens, sometimes so much that I can actually feel it and unsightly 'lines' form. The muscles have been... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my pointed chin? (photos)

My chin is very pointed when smiling and looks overly long. From the side it also bulbs out of my jaw line. Is there a way to reduce the size or do... READ MORE

Will a chin reduction make my chin appear longer afterward?

I've been wanting a chin reduction and it's been difficult to find a doctor. I went to a consultation and he told me he was going to put a plate in my... READ MORE

My Chin Gets Long and Broad when I Smile, What Can Be Done to Correct This? (photo)

What are my options when it comes to fixing this? I have heard I can have botox injected, but I'm worried that injecting botox into my chin... READ MORE

Can Sliding Genioplasty Change Your Smile?

I am 3 days out of my Sliding Genioplasty procedure and I noticed that my smile has changed. I used to have a big pearly-white smile that would show... READ MORE

Is there an option to fix my smile cosmetically?

I am currently on my 15 invisalign tray of 20... I can already tell that I will be unhappy with the results. My jaw on one side is quite a bit lower... READ MORE

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