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Revision Surgery for Loose Skin After Platysmaplasty?

I had a Chin Reduction & Platysmaplasty / submentoplasty (basically the Dr did a corset tightening of muscle) using the same incision for both;... READ MORE

Im Not Happy with my Chin Reduction. Can a Surgeon Fix It Without Paying Full Price? (photo)

I got my chin reduced a year ago. I feel that my chin sags and theres alot of fat there. My surgeon said he cant do anything about it. I got burrow... READ MORE

Revision Surgery for Sliding Genioplasty?

Earlier this August I underwent a sliding geniplasty but now I'm really regretting doing this. From the first day of my surgery I realized that... READ MORE

What Can I Do For A Chin Reduction That Is Over Reduced? Filler or Fat Graft?

Lower Tooth Numberness 11 Months Post Op After Sliding Genioplasty and Chin Reduction. The chin surgery was the worse decision I have ever made in my... READ MORE

Can sagging tissue be fixed during Chin Revision Surgery?

Had perfect medpor implant.Car accident happened 5 months ago and it was shifted.I was in China and a doctor pulled my medpor(has wings) out and put... READ MORE

Combining chin revision with VY lip plasty?

I need to have a sliding genioplasty revision and I also want to address how my lip is now smaller. Can anyone explain why this is? Would reducing the... READ MORE

Post Sliding Genioplasty: Chin Sticks out Too Much - Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty Revision?

I recently got sliding genioplasty almost 2 weeks ago and I am not liking the results so far. My lower lip looks weird and my chin sticks out too much... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation Surgery and Left with Large Bulb Like Tissue on Chin

35 year old male, 1 year form chin augmentation surgery. no implant was done I had chin cut and moved forward. OS recommended this procedure. I... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, I have lip incompetence and step off after a sliding genioplasty. Should I have a revision done?

Im 26 yrs female and now im 7 weeks post op genioplasty 6mm advancement,and now i have more lip incompetence and mentalis strain which i dont have... READ MORE

Is there a perceptible difference in mm between the first sliding genioplasty and the revision? (photos)

Also, if possible, would you have any idea why a gap would be left between the bone segments in the first surgery when not looking for length? READ MORE

Are there different ways to dissect and resuspend the mentalis muscle in chin surgery?

Such as different tools, incision techniques, suturing techniques, etc. Is this any different if a revision is needed? READ MORE

Dimpling after chin surgery?

I had chin surgery (sliding genioplasty) and a revisional chin surgery via an intraoral approach. My mentalis muscle and skin now dimple when I close... READ MORE

Is it possible to repeat a sliding genioplasty to achieve a chin that's even higher up and further out?

Hello! I underwent a sliding genioplasty. The first ten days when the swelling still lingered it looked very nice since the swelling made it look like... READ MORE

Would a CT scan better help plan a revision chin surgery?

I had bony surgery on my chin and need a revision. I've suffered mentalis drooping and dimpling. Would a CT scan better help plan the surgery in... READ MORE

Kinda regret my genioplasty revision. Please help!

Hi doctors I just had my genioplasty revision r a week (2mm advancement + ~7mms widening). My first surgery left me with a small & too v shape look... READ MORE

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