Jaw Line + Chin Liposuction

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Nerve Issue After Lipo of Chin and Neck/Jaw Line

After neck/chin lipo at what point should you become nervous or are certain things red flags? I am only two weeks out so I know it is soon but... READ MORE

Double Chin and Loose Jawline

Hi, I am 24 years old and am having some concerns with my jawline and lack of facial volume. I am 130lbs 5'5 in height, yet my face is lacking... READ MORE

Concerns with Chin Liposuction

I am 29, athletic, but have always had untoned skin and fat under my chin and around my jawline and am considering smart lipo. I am very concerned... READ MORE

Fit 27 Year Old Man but I Have a Double Chin. Can Plastic Surgery Help? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 27 year old young professional and live a pretty active life style. I'm 6 ft about 175 pounds but my weight fluctuates based on what sports... READ MORE

Post Neck Liposuction, Want a Stronger Jawline? (photo)

I had neck/chin liposuction a couple of years ago and very happy with results. However, now that the neck fat is reduced (I also lost weight), I am... READ MORE

How to Get a More Musculine Jaw/chin/jawline? (photo)

Dear Realself, Just wonder how do i get a more muscline better looking jawline/ jaw/chin ? When my bodyfat reach 12% or more i getting a slight double... READ MORE

Should I Have Lipo of my Jawline or a Neck Lift at 42? (photo)

I'm 42 and I don't like how my cheeks seem to be melting into my neck. I used to have a more visible jawline, but after 3 pregnancies my jawline seems... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Liposuction? (photo)

I'm 28, 5'11" and 155 lbs. I frequently work out and eat well. Despite being at a healthy weight (and bf%) my neck refuses to look defined. I've been... READ MORE

Improve Jawline and Chin? Define Cheeks? Would Like More Definition in Jawline. (photo)

When I look at pictures of my profile, I don't have much of a jawline and I would aim for a very define jawline if ever. Submental liposuction? Neck... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Chin Liposuction? (photo)

Based on the photos, do you think liposuction would get rid of the pudge under my chin/jowels and give me a better jawline? My skin in that area seems... READ MORE

Will Jawline and Under Chin Liposuction Make my Face Shorter?

Hi, i already have a short face length..7inches..but i have extra fat under my chin and along my jawline. Will jawline/chin liposuction make my face... READ MORE

Difference Between Fat, Extra Skin and Water Retention?

Hi, I'm a moderately thin girl of age 16 but I am concerned with what I believe is fat around my jawline.Since I am already at a low body fat... READ MORE

What Options Are There for a Woman in Her 20s with a Weak Profile and Jawline That is Not Caused by Fat?

I was planning on getting liposuction to this area but after several consultations, it seems that there is only minimal fat in this area and that my... READ MORE

Have I lost my smooth jawline due to fat or lax skin? (Photo)

I already had ulthera, titan and it did not lift this area. It was suggested I do i lipo ot trusculpt. Makes sense, if thisis fat. I am very thin,... READ MORE

25 yrs old with a saggy neck/ double chin. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I feel my profile is aging because i dont have any definition to my jawline, im a slim girl but have a double chin and barely any jawline. is there a... READ MORE

Candidate for neck/chin/jawline liposuction? (Photo)

Dears, i have had a chin job 1 year ago, however i would like my jawline to be more defined than it is at present. Could i make this happen by chin/... READ MORE

Which helps slim sides of face better, lower chin liposuction or Botox?

I have both a wide stereo typically "Asian" face (flat droopy cheeks, temples as wide as jaw) and a soft one with little bone structure in my cheeks.... READ MORE

What fiscal therapy do you recommend for facial paralysis after chin lipo? (Photo)

I had chin and jawline lipo 3 1/2 weeks ago, I have lower right lip paralisis (only when I try to pull it down), Dr recomended Prednisone (15, 20 mg... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Cool Lipo for More Defined Jaw Line and Fat Under Chin Removed in a 38-year Old? (photo)

I want a more defined jawline and the fat under my chin removed. I'm 38 and want a less bottom-heavy and more oval-shaped face. One doctor recommended... READ MORE

Any effective non-surgical procedures for removal of fat and defining jaw line? (photos)

Asian male, 45 years old. I've had lower bleph perfomed successfully 4 years ago. I'm not a plastic surgery junkie but would like more definition to... READ MORE

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