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What to Do with Painful Chin Implant Incision Site?

I had my chin implant done a month ago and my stitches from inside my mouth still havent dissolved. I'm very concerned because I feel lots of pain in... READ MORE

Painful Stitches After Chin Implant Normal?

I had a Chin implant a month ago and still have the stitches. They hurt especially when I eat I feel like something is pushing in my incision site and... READ MORE

Do I Keep Paper Tape on my Stitches After Chin Implant?

Ok it has been one week post-op and i went to my doctor today and he took the paper tape off my incisions and just told me to wear my chin garment at... READ MORE

How Long After Having a Chin Implant Do I Have to Wait Perform Oral Sex? Please Be Specific.

I had a chin implant 10 days ago and the stitches have been removed. My doctor said I can have regular sex but I failed to ask about perorming oral... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Rhinoplasty Questions?

I got a chin implant(inside my mouth incision was made) & a rhinoplasty on october 16th so today is day 17! I can not smile still it looks akward... READ MORE

chin implant information

Chin implant surgery after three years,still stiches and little irritation and numbness in teeth .what if i dont prefer a surgery for correction .is... READ MORE

Can food get into incision after internal chin implant?

7 days post op the stitches inside my mouth has somewhat dissolved in the front part. When I press my chin there is fluid running out of the mouth.... READ MORE

Still little bit numbness in teeth due to chin implant surgery after three years - Normal?

Im 22 .i did chin implant surgery three years ago .its fine but a little bit of numbness in my tooth and a small irritation in stitches inside my... READ MORE

Can permanent suture cause infection on a Chin Implant incision?

Chin implant w/incision under chin on 4/16/14, stitches removed 2wk after. Have little balls/pimple like on my incision not sure if that's normal, i... READ MORE

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