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Small Chin Implant Worth It?

I'm thinking of getting a small/size 1 implant... that's what's been recommenced to me. However ratings/patient reviews for chin implants... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation/implant- Am I a Good Candidate?

I have a small chin that is characteristic of the connective tissue disorder by which I am affected. I wonder if I am a viable candidate for some sort... READ MORE

Visualizing a Chin Implant?

Can the patient choose the way his chin will look after the surgery? Is there a computer simulation procedure to choose the chin implant size for a... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Small

I did get a chin implant back in April 6, 2011. Now after some months I’m really not satisfied with the result. I have a really weak chin, and... READ MORE

Is my chin implant to small for my face? (photo)

Had a small anatomical chin implant put in last month and with most of the swelling subsided i realize that the size of impant my surgeon picked out... READ MORE

Do I Need a Chin/Jaw Implant? (photo)

I've not really liked the way that I look for years and years now. I only very recently realised what it is that I dont like. I don't know why but for... READ MORE

My chin is very small?

Ive only noticed this now since I have lost weight. My chin is so small, its almost part of my neck. I also have a very week jaw line. . This is... READ MORE

Looking for a solution to my small chin. (photo)

I'm 18 years old and I am looking for a procedure strengthen my chin and jaw line. I have been doing research for the last few days on the topic and I... READ MORE

Long shaped face with a small chin slim jawline. Are chin implants effective on adding fullness to the lower jaw/ face? (photo)

I've come to the point in my life where I feel I need a solution, face shape just doesn't sit well with me, struggle everyday with confidence. Long... READ MORE

Subtle, small chin implant? Scar? Recovery time?

Hi! I am thinking about getting a small chin implant for my otherwise perfect face (kidding!) but I want to know--will my boyfriend notice? (esp if we... READ MORE

What do I need? Is the chin implant too small? Should I get rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have a chin implant in right now but I am still not satisfied with my profile. Is the chin implant too small? Should I get rhinoplasty? Thanks READ MORE

What size chin implant do I need? (photos)

I went to a doctor for a consultation about a chin augmentation. He told me he would need to use a very small implant since I have a small chin. I... READ MORE

Can extra large chin implant with wings change my face? (photos)

I have no jawline and a small chin. im getting an extra large chin implant with wings. will it give me the look i want?? (like channing tatum) READ MORE

Should I get chin implant? (photos)

I dont like my weak chin. Sometimes when I look in the mirror my face looks so not in proportion and I feel like that's because of my small chin. I... READ MORE

Is the small size(4mm) of chin implant for me? (photos)

Hello!I was treated with a chin implant with wings (the doctor said that he cut the wings)today of small size(4mm) because the doctor told that the... READ MORE

Chin implant revision; can you put an implant on top of an implant? (photos)

I had a chin implant going on 30 years now, as I was told that this would help me with my small chin. I felt that even when the implant was put in,... READ MORE

Should I get a larger chin implant? (photos)

I got a chin implant back in 2005. But now I'm worried that it was too small. From certain profile angles my chin looks fine, but from others it looks... READ MORE

Would I benefit from either jaw implants or a chin implant? (Photo)

I am currently 20 years old and i have pretty small chin and weak jawline in my opinion. I am just curious that could i benefit from implants on my... READ MORE

Does a small chin pose an issue (in terms of Western aesthetic standards) if in proportion with the rest of one's face? (Photo)

I have a small chin, yet doesn't seem to make my nose any larger - which suggests it is not quite a receding chin but still small. Perhaps this does... READ MORE

Am I a suitable candidate for a chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

I am concerned by asymmetry on my chin and my small chin. Am I suitable candidate for chin augmentation? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou READ MORE

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