Screws + Chin Implant

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Can a Silicone Chin Implant Be Secured with Screws?

I have decided to have a chin implant. the issue for me is that i am a boxer, and realistically, i am not going to stop boxing afterwards so it would... READ MORE

Chin Implant: Screws or None?

Hello, I am considering getting a chin implant in the future. I don't like the idea of a screw in my bone (whether its safe or not its still not for... READ MORE

Chin Implant For Pointy Chin?

I would like to have a central button chin implant just to add lenght, projection and specially no width to my chin, i am looking for a maximum of a... READ MORE

Can a Slipped Chin Implant Be Surgically Re-done After 2 Failed Attempts by 2 Different Doctors?

1st implant done 18 yrs ago & end pointed out below jaw line R side. 2nd implant did the same thing 2 wks post op. The doctor states it is calcium... READ MORE

Medpor Chin Implant with 3 Screws Replaced..Bad Idea?

Or is it possible? I had a chin implant, which Im absolutely unhappy with. Its been 3 years and I am going back to the dr to see what my options are... READ MORE

Should I Ask for Re-do of Chin Implant to Be Screwed in Place So I Dont Get the Same Crooked Result?

I had a chin implant placed 5 years ago. it is crooked. my doctor wants to take it out and wait 8 weeks before replacing it so the pocket heals and it... READ MORE

Screw jaw implants?

I got jaw implants placed 18 months ago , the right implant has moved , so I am going to get both implants secured to the bone with screws . How long... READ MORE

What is the chance of migration with silicone implant including titanium screws?

Silicone implant with titanium screws in cheeks and chin: chance of migration? (after 2 years? after 30?) Would airport security detect either the... READ MORE

Is it worth the risk? Is this way outdated? How does the no screw thing sound?

Hello! I am scheduled to have a chin implant with lipo in January and my surgeon does the intra oral route. He feels the scar is too big for such... READ MORE

Chin implant: No fixation?

Hello. I'm goining to get a chin implant(7 mm, silocone) in december. At the consultation my doctor told be me that the implant will naturally grow... READ MORE

What are you thoughts on Chin Implant to place Medpor without screws? (photos)

Currently a doctor in Asia takes CT scan of patient's bone structure, utilizes 3D printing technology to make a skull which has exactly the same shape... READ MORE

Medpor chin with absorbable screws?

I want a medpor chin implant but I dont want to see anything on Xray, absorbable screws sound perfect for me. My doc said it will take longer for... READ MORE

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