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Can I get chin augmentation at the same time as a rhino/septoplasty? Will recovery be worse if the procedures are combined?

I'm 25. Had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction in 2007 but my nose is still deviated and one side remains about 50% obstructed. I am strongly... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Lip Reduction? (photo)

Hello , I am not happy with "lower part " of my face . But i couldnt figure out why . I feel like my upper lip is bigger than the lower lip and i hate... READ MORE

Can Cheek, Chin, and Jaw Implants Be Implanted in One Procedure; if So, Approximately How Much Would the Procedure Cost?

I've decided to have my cheek, chin, and jaw augmented. I'd like to have the implants carved before the surgery begins (I understand that this is... READ MORE

Chin Implant + Rhinoplasty Benefits?

I want to knockout two birds with one stone and I was just wondering what the benefits of getting both done at the same time would be. I plan on... READ MORE

Would a Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Procedure Be Recommended in my Case? (photo)

I can't really close my mouth comfortably. I think my profile would also improve from a chin augmentation procedure. Since the nose is usually taken... READ MORE

If I have a 2nd chin revision with a smaller implant can having a mini lift at the same time take care of the extra soft tissue?

This is a follow-up to my question about what to do with two failed chin implants. I am not willing to put myself through a sliding genioplasty and... READ MORE

Jaw and Chin Implant Together?

I was looking into getting a chin implant with mandibular implants. Any advice on what I on if this can be done? If so, what would be the best... READ MORE

Can BSSO, Osseous Genioplasty and Jawline Implant be done simultaneously?

Can all three of these procedures be done? If not, how long is the wait? READ MORE

Am I candidate for a chin implant? (Photo)

I have chronic sinus infections and will be getting surgery on my nose soon. I will be getting a rhinoplasty as well. Should I get a chin implant with... READ MORE

Do a mentalis muscle resuspension at the same time as submental chin implant or don't do this at the same time?

I need to have my mentalis muscle resuspended because my mentalis muscle wasnt attached properly from previous surgery. On the other hand, I plan on... READ MORE

Chin Implant together with Fat Injection? (photos)

I am planning to improve my chin horizontally, as I think my chin is long enough downwards and I don't want a longer face. Can having a long chin be... READ MORE

Wondering about chin implant vs chin Lipo vs platysmaplasty and also possible Rhinoplasty?? (photos)

This floppy chin aka "the waddle" is getting more pronounced with age. My family members all have it, seems to get worse with time. I am wondering... READ MORE

Hairline lowering procedure, upper lip lift, and minor chin implant at the same time?

Would it be safe and realistic for a patient to receive hairline lowering procedure, upper lip lift, and a small chin implant at the same time,... READ MORE

Is this combination of procedures too much at one time? (Photo)

I am looking to have a number of procedures and I will be travelling 300 miles for surgery. I am having a revision rhino and either a sliding genio or... READ MORE

3 surgeries at once? Submental chin implant, jaw angle implants and mentalis muscle resuspension

Priority is mentalis muscle resuspension(Need to do this).Then jaw angle implants + submental chin implant.1.Is it safe/wise to get it all done in one... READ MORE

Should I have more than one procedure at a time? Or multiple procedures at once? (Photo)

The attached photos or my vision of what I would like to have done. A chin and cheek implant along with neck sculpting. My question is should I have... READ MORE

Chin implant removal and jaw bone surgery at the same time, is it possible? (Photo)

I had a chin implant before and it made no difference and I still have a recessed chin. I'm getting depressed with what I've done 'till today. I... READ MORE

Can a jaw augmentation and chin implant make my face look smaller? Can I do lifting and a nose job at the same time?

I want to have a perfect jaw line and chin like a V shape and a perfect nose , i hate the fact that my face is too big and i feel that with the jaw... READ MORE

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