Resorption + Chin Implant

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Bone Resorption After Chin Implants

Hi,does bone resorption happen for sure after an implant ? How will this take ? Any way I can stop this from happening ? READ MORE

What is the Treatment for Bone Resorption After a Chin Implant?

I would like to have a chin implant and was wondering if there is a way to avoid bone resorption is this only a problem if you need to have the... READ MORE

I Have a 20 Yr Old Chin Implant That Has Resorbed. Can Another Go over It or Have to Be Removed?

I have had a few cosmetic surgeons say they would just place the newer version on top of the old one. Apparently because the old one is so old and was... READ MORE

Concerned Over Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants

I've silicone nasal and chin implants and fear that one day, there will be so much resorption that it will revert to square one. Is my fear... READ MORE

Resorption from Silicone Chin Implant?

Hi guys, so I'm considering a chin implant however I have a few worries about resorption. I read that 1-2mm resorption is common. If I get a chin... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Avoid the Resorption Produced by the Chin Silicone Implant?

I'm worried with the fack that silicone implants can produce bone resorption in chin augmentation procedure, how can this drawback be avoided? or... READ MORE

What Are the Options of Chin Augmentation Other Than Silicone?

I had a silicon chin implant surgery 4 years ago when I was 18. However there'd been noticeable bone resorption and the result, which was ok during... READ MORE

I have chin implant bone resorption- what will happen if I remove the chin implant? (photo)

I had a chin implant 4 years ago. Recently I got some X-rays done by my orthodontist of my profile and she noticed that there has been major bone... READ MORE

Bone resorption with Chin Implants, Medpor vs Silastic?

As a young patient I am concerned by the long term consequences that might surface with a chin implant 40-60 years in the future. Among the issues I... READ MORE

Does Chin Augmentation Results in Flt Cheeks? What is the Rate of Bone Resorption?

Hi I m thinking about a chin augmentation because mine is too "small" for a man, but i have 2 questions. Sometimes, when im looking on google image... READ MORE

Questions on Chin Implant Bone Resorption Risks and Likeliness?

-Does resorption take place only once healed, or does the implant grind against the bone due to muscle movements even after recovery and being... READ MORE

Will bone resorption reverse once chin implant is removed?

Hello. I have recently been reading up on bone resorption caused by chin implants and it is having me a bit worried. I know that in most cases it is... READ MORE

Bone resorption over a large period of time (40 yrs or more). Any suggestions?

I am considering a chin implant, I have a very weak chin and am choosing an implant with 9mm increased projection. I have read allot about bone... READ MORE

Am I too young for a chin implant?

Im a 23 year old woman who is thinking to have a chin implant, but I have heard that young patients still tend to have bone resorption, skin... READ MORE

Is bone resorption from a chin implant a risk or a law?

If I put an implant to augment my chin, will my chin bone inevitably erode overtime? Or it will just happen to someone? How can we avoid it? What is... READ MORE

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