Reshape + Chin Implant

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Possible to Shave Down or Reshape Medpor Chin Implant?

I had a Medpor chin implant put in over 2 yrs ago, & I am not happy with how it looks. It's square and large. I would like to have the existing... READ MORE

Adding Fat Back After Neck/chin Liposuction to Widen My Lower Jaw/Chin?

I had chin and neck liposuction as well as a chin implant placed over a year ago. I had and still have a very narrow short lower jaw which looks even... READ MORE

Can a Medpor Chin Implant Be Shaved Down Without Removing It?

I had one inserted about 3 years ago, and it is too boxy from the front and has too much projection from the side profile. Would it be possible to... READ MORE

Jaw and Chin Implants? How Can I Achieve my Desired Look? (photo)

I am planning to have my jaw and chin reshaped, I have realistic expectations and I want a strong, angled jaw. I currently have a large, rounded jaw... READ MORE

How to fix my chin implant? (photo)

My chin implant seems oddly shaped when I smile. Is there a way to fix it to look more natural? Where the implant doesn't stick out and goes... READ MORE

Reshaping MedPor Chin Implant in Place?

Hallo, I am about to undergo chin revision surgery. My MedPor chin implant has a few bumps across its surface because my surgeon placed extra material... READ MORE

Can my nose and chin be reshaped relative easily? Chin implant without adding length to face? (Photo)

Since my hair has started thinning (also chronic itching) I want to tweak my appearance to give me a stronger look if I do lose my hair. As you can... READ MORE

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