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V Face Shaped Pointy Chin. How To Achieve This? (photo)

Ok so heres another question about my chin.what if i want my chin to look a bit pointy not roundish.would i have to get an implant?because if they put... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Has Left my Face Too Narrow Can It Be Corrected?

I had sliding genioplasty 5 weeks ago to correct a receding chin and short jaw. My profile is now wonderfully improved. However my face, face-on is... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Long/Pointy? Numbness - Normal?

I got a chin implant 2 and a half months ago. I am concerned that it may be positioned incorrectly. I wanted more forward projection to improve my... READ MORE

Is it Possible to have Chin Implant Correction to Make Implant Less Pointy? (photo)

After a chin implant I have a stronger chin than I would like. From the front, it looks 1/2 centimeter too long, too pointy, and pulls my face down.... READ MORE

How Can I Get my Chin Skinnier Instead of Round? (photo)

Hi! i am a 16 year old girl and i have no rinckels or sagginess so thats not the problem i want to disscus.i want to talk about my chin.i have a... READ MORE

Chin Implant For Pointy Chin?

I would like to have a central button chin implant just to add lenght, projection and specially no width to my chin, i am looking for a maximum of a... READ MORE

Making a Pointy Chin Rounder Without an Implant? (photo)

I have a pointy chin when I smile or talk (look pretty much like Alexandra Ambrosio) and the problem seems to be coming from the skin or muscle and... READ MORE

I Am Considering a Chin Implant? (photo)

I have recently read up on chin plants, which is a non surgical procedure. Do you think this would be effective for a pointy chin? I have quite wide... READ MORE

I want to change my chin shape, is that possible? (photo)

When I smile my chin is a bit pointy and flat. However, I was wondering if its possible to make it more square? Like Marilyn Monroe or Rachel Mcadams... READ MORE

I feel my chin protrudes too much when not smiling and points too much when smiling. Would weight loss make difference? (photo)

Hi. I feel my chin protrudes too much when not smiling and points too much when smiling. Would this relate to excess skin on the chin or too much... READ MORE

Can I reshape my chin?

Hi! I have a query regarding chin reshaping. Basically when I do not smile the end of my chin looks chubby, when I smile the end is pointy and juts... READ MORE

Can I Reverse a Sliding Genioplasty 3 Years After the Surgery and Would I Look the Same As Before?

I actually had 2 sliding genioplasty in the past 4 years and none of the two results were actually good, .the first one was a standard sliding... READ MORE

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