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Where is the Best Incision for Chin Implant: Through Mouth or Under Chin?

My surgeon said i can have under the chin or through the mouth. My surgeon recomends going through the mouth as he feels very confident about it and... READ MORE

Chin Implant Revision - Scar Placement?

I just did my chin implant on 9 Oct 2010, I find it too big as the doc used a "large" size for my face. I wish to go for a revision on 31st... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Is My Chin Too Small?

Hi i am considering getting a chin implant however i fear that my chin is way too small and my chin bone is too small that i wonder where would the... READ MORE

Solution for Misplaced Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant 9 years ago, when I smile its seems to be without form, like flat. And after X-rays I noticed that the implant is placed higher... READ MORE

Proper Incision Placement for Chin Augmentation and Neck Lipo?

I recently had a consult for a chin implant and neck lipo - I'm 48 and am 5'5". The surgeon said there'd be a small incision just... READ MORE

Why Can't They Get my Chin Implant Right?

I've had two different doctors provide me with a chin implant and both times it did not look right. Why is this happening? How does a doctor know... READ MORE

Has my chin implant been improperly placed? (Photo)

I had a chin implant placed two weeks ago, and I feel like I can see the outline of my implant. I saw my surgeon 1 week ago who assured me that this... READ MORE

Safe For My Doctor To Be Re-Using the Chin Implant With A Different Placement?

My PS had to remove my implant coz it was a bigger size and my stitches wont heal,kept loosening( she put it from inside my mouth, 9 MM POREX ). So... READ MORE

Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

I had a large chin implant put in 7 months ago, out of town. I have numbness in lower left incisors. Has resolved a bit, but still there. If I put... READ MORE

Is Medpor Implant Usually Put Through the Mouth and Silastic Put Through Under the Chin??

What i understood is, if medpor implant is opted, the incision will be through the mouth and if silastic is the choice, incision will be under the... READ MORE

NEED to Find a Doctor Somewhere in the New York and Surrounding Areas That Has EXTENSIVE Knowledge of Chin Implants?

I need revision surgery. I'm absolutely terrified I'm going to make it even worse. Desperately trying to find someone that specializes in chin... READ MORE

I am 3 wks post chin implant, neck lipo, and rhinoplasty. Was the implant placed incorrectly, my chin seems off center? (photo)

Had a large implant place through submental incision, and now there is obviously something very wrong with my chin. I cant move my lower left lip,... READ MORE

Chin implant infection? Should my surgeon be responsible to fix this? (Photo)

Is this a chin implant infection? I have build up drained from under my chin. Also the implant looks like is misplaced. It looks like it is placed too... READ MORE

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