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Chin Implant Methods and Options?

I am considering getting a chin implant, but I am concerned with the possibility of it shifting. I was wondering if someone could explain to me the... READ MORE

Chin and Jawline Implant or Augmentation for a More Defined Jawline? (photo)

I'm 32 & would like to add more definition to my jawline. I'm not overweight, I'm quite thin but I feel I have excess skin starting to sag under... READ MORE

Is the Chin Implant Procedure Permanent and Life Long Lasting?

Hi there,this is lubna, i wanna know that is the chin implant(silicone) is permanent?with the passing of time is there will decrease its volume/bone... READ MORE

Permanent Nerve Damage After Chin Implant Revision?

Hi, I had a chin implant 3 years ago. After 2 weeks after the op it extruded and I had another operation to repair it using the hole using part of my... READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Implant?

Hi, I had medepor cheek and chin implants 15 days ago. Initially I had alot of swelling and numbness on the left cheek, that now appears to be... READ MORE

I Want A More Permanent Solution- Are Jaw Implants Right For Me? Or Is Radiesse Good? Will I Need Less Injections Over Time?

I've recently had Radiesse for my jaw area (for a square jaw look), and I love the results. But I was wondering if there's any truth to... READ MORE

Do Medpor Chin Implants Cause Skin Erosion Long Term?

I am considering a medpor chin implant Because it is rather permanent compared to the silicon ones However i read in an essay that chin implants cause... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Removal and Bone Rasping Have Caused Muscle Damage?

Last week I had a chin implant removed & replaced w 1cc of radiesse. Due to slight implant bone erosion, 1 side of my chin was rasped. Now when I... READ MORE

I Have Noticed my Jaw Line I Asymmetrical, What Are Permanent and Non Permanent Procedures? (photo)

I like the smaller more defined side better although it would be most likely the side to recieve fillers. How can I make the bigger side more like the... READ MORE

Can Swelling From a Chin Implant Affect the Upper or Mid Face Permanently?

I had a chin implant put in 17 days ago. I am noticing some subtle changes in my cheekbone and eye area that are corroborated by photos from before... READ MORE

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