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Radiesse Chin Augmentation Possible?

I think my face would look better with a bigger chin. READ MORE

I Have No Jaw, my Neck Runs Straight to my Chin. What Can I Do?

I am very self conscious about my profile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! READ MORE

Slight Asymmetry Still Present After Chin Implant

I had a chin implant put in about three years ago. The implant was placed through an incision under my chin. My chin is a little bit off to my right,... READ MORE

Chin Implant Materials

And what are the chin implants made of? what options would i have when i meet with a surgeon? READ MORE

Would a Chin Implant by Itself Lengthen a Round Face?

What other procedures in addition to a chin implant are often done to get a longer looking face? possibly liposculpting? READ MORE

Chin Implant or Jaw Advancement?

I'm a 25 y/o female, with a very weak/small jaw. The distance between my neck and end of chin is very short, but my chin does not look very... READ MORE

Jaw Implant, Chin Implant or Both... Along with Rhinoplasty?

I am an 18 year old male with a very weak jawline +large hump on my nose. I have always wanted to get rhinoplasty done since i was 15 and now i... READ MORE

Different types of chin implants?

I'm interested in getting a chin implant to enhance a weak chin. I also would like my jaw to be enhanced as well, and I was wondering if a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implants Sizes

Could you help me understand the sizing system for chin implants? My wife had breast aug and it was really simple to understand sizing in that case. I... READ MORE

Small Chin and Flat Cheeks - Best Treatment Option?

Im really disappointed with my profile. My small chin and my flat cheeks make my nose look big. Is it possible to fix it with a chin implant only or... READ MORE

Where is the Best Incision for Chin Implant: Through Mouth or Under Chin?

My surgeon said i can have under the chin or through the mouth. My surgeon recomends going through the mouth as he feels very confident about it and... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Fat Transfer, or a Filler?

I am 26 years old and am considered to have somewhat of a weak chin. I have undergone consultations with 2 doctors for lipo in the chin area and both... READ MORE

Best Filler for "Butt Chin" Dimple?

Hello, I am looking to find out what type of filler is best to smoothen out large-area indents in the skin like the well-known "butt chin" feature, or... READ MORE

My Chin Implat is Large Size with Wings, Is It Too Big? (photo)

2 weeks ago i hand chin implant 9mm with wings , i had a receeding chin from the lateral side view bt i loved my face from the front , now i feel like... READ MORE

Possible to Adjust a Crooked Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant and neck liposuction 3 years ago and the implant was placed in crooked. The Dr. said that he couldn't see it and to give it... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Sliding Genioplasty for a Recessed Chin that I want to Make More Masculine? (photo)

I"m trying to decide between the two. Many doctors here in memphis perform the implant but It's hard finding any who do the sliding... READ MORE

What Other Options Do I Have as Alternatives to Chin Implant?

I am considering a chin implant, but i am afraid that my chin would look longer! i don't want to change my face shape into a box, i just want to... READ MORE

Asian Chin Augmentation, What are My Options and How Long is Recovery Time? (photo)

I am an Asian male in my early 20s. I have a really weak chin which runs in my family, but my chin is particularly recessive. I would like to know... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Wrap Around Wings or Sliding Genioplasty? (Photos)

Hi I am a 24 year old female as you can see from my photos have assymetrical jawlines.I have consulted oral surgeons who suggested orthogonathic... READ MORE

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