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Is Surgery the Only Way to Broaden a Narrow Jaw? (At Seventeen Years Old) ) (photo)

I'm seventeen and feel my face is attractive aside from my narrow jaw. It makes my face look longer and my nose look bigger. My cheekbones defined... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation (Male)? (photo)

I have a very pointy and narrow chin. Also, it appears weak from a profile view. I would like a more square, and masculine chin. Am I candidate for... READ MORE

I've always felt very insecure about my chin, and the overall shape of my face? (photo)

Well, as you can tell have a very narrow chin. I have always HATED it. I feel like the sharp of my face appears disfigured and overall unappealing. My... READ MORE

How common is it to go from a very narrow jaw to a fully defined and nicely shaped one?

Do implants that size hurt? Does it not damage the muscles if the jaw is stretched out that much? and do people not feel the implants at all? READ MORE

Can you feel jaw implants when eating, do they look natural when raising yr head? I have a narrow jaw & good sized chin (Photo)

Is the division between the implants and chin noticeable? I have a good sized chin, but my jaw is VERY narrow. Or does it look natural like in these... READ MORE

Could I benefit from a Jaw/ Chin Implant or Neck Lift? (photos)

I would ideally like a more "chiseled" masculine looking jaw line. I feel as though I have a weak chin, a bit of excess skin under my chin and jaw as... READ MORE

One side of chin is projected outward but the other side is not. Would you recommend a Chin implant or jaw implant? (photos)

I recently had a chin geneoplasty surgery. But not really satisfied with at. It looks like , one side of chin is projected enough outward but the... READ MORE

Question regarding chin implants (for people with narrow chin): Can chin implants be made of (animal) bone, instead of silicon?

It appears chin implants made of silicon or the other one are both prone to infection, and will result in bone erosion over time. Why not make the... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve a different chin shape? (photos)

I have a very square shaped face and would love to have a narrow and more pointed chin. Is this possible to achieve with an implant? READ MORE

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