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Where is the Best Incision for Chin Implant: Through Mouth or Under Chin?

My surgeon said i can have under the chin or through the mouth. My surgeon recomends going through the mouth as he feels very confident about it and... READ MORE

When Getting a Chin Implant is It Better to Do Incision Via the Mouth or Under the Chin?

What are the pros and cons for both? Why would one doctor choose outside chin and another inside mouth. If you had a chin implant via an incision... READ MORE

What Are the Negative Effects of Having a Chin Implant Via the Inside of Your Mouth?

Is it a bad thing to have a chin implant placed via the inside of your mouth? Is the healing worse than if you did it via the outside? Would you... READ MORE

Will an Incision Inside the Mouth Heal Faster Than Under the Chin After a Chin Implant?

I read that saliva helps with the healing process. ( Would this be true for faster... READ MORE

Chin Implant: Under the Chin or Through the Mouth?

I've wanted to get a chin implant for quite some time. I want to know, is it definately "safer" to have the chin implant inserted under... READ MORE

What to Do with Painful Chin Implant Incision Site?

I had my chin implant done a month ago and my stitches from inside my mouth still havent dissolved. I'm very concerned because I feel lots of pain in... READ MORE

Benefits of External or Internal Incision Site for Chin Implant?

And is it true that you cant get a chin implant lower on the inferior part edge by going thru the mouth? READ MORE

Proper Incision Placement for Chin Augmentation and Neck Lipo?

I recently had a consult for a chin implant and neck lipo - I'm 48 and am 5'5". The surgeon said there'd be a small incision just... READ MORE

Prone to Keloid Scars, Got Them from Breast Augmentation. Can I Do A Chin Implant with an External Incision - Yes or No?

I am a 22 year old italian female. I have previously had a breast augmentation and it has left me with a hypertrophic scar on the left breast and a... READ MORE

Chin implant incision inside the mouth not healing. (photo)

I had my implant placed 2 weeks ago and I feel the incision is not closing, i can even see the implant from inside my mouth. Im just wondering if that... READ MORE

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