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Can my Jawline Look More Defined Like This? (photo)

I have a very hidden jawline, along with virtually no chin. Is there a possible way for my jaw to look more like the celebrity pictured? I'm not... READ MORE

Chin and Jawline Implant or Augmentation for a More Defined Jawline? (photo)

I'm 32 & would like to add more definition to my jawline. I'm not overweight, I'm quite thin but I feel I have excess skin starting to sag under... READ MORE

Jaw Implant For Round Face?

I have a very round, "moon" face with little definition and bone structure. I was wondering if jaw implants would help give more definition... READ MORE

I want a well defined jawline w/o stronger/square jaw

I saw a photo in a tabloid and she has my before photo so I want her after photo   any good doctor recommendations? READ MORE

Will my Chin Implant Make my Neck Look Defined?

How can a little artificial chin give my neck a definition? Will the skin be pulled straight during the surgery? I asked a doc if I needed neck... READ MORE

Getting A Chin Implant, Will A Corset Platysmaplasty Add Definition To My Jaw Line? (photo)

I am 30 years old with a recessed chin and a poorly defined jawline. I've decided to move forward with chin augmentation -- silicon implant,... READ MORE

Best Augmentation for Jawline Asymmetry?

I would like to correct some facial asymmetry in my jawline. On one side,the angle is fairly pronounced (more square), while on the other, it's... READ MORE

Chin Implant/fat Transfer Candidate? (photo)

Hello everyone! Some expert opinions would be greatly appreciated. Am I a good candidate for either a chin implant or fat transfer, and if so, which... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Terino Square Chin Style 2 Implant..but What Size? (photo)

One of the reasons I like the terino 2 is because of the wings. Large and the XL have a 1 cm difference in the wing length. Which to me is a big... READ MORE

I'd Like to Get my Chin and Jaw Augmented but I Don't Really Know Where to Start. Suggestions? (photo)

I want to have a Wider more defined jawline and big masculine chin often seen in Superheros or even some actors. I'd like to look similar to the... READ MORE

What Specific Type of Chin Implants Help the Jawline?

I know that liposuction under the chin, sculpting, Genioplasty, and jaw implants help...but are there CHIN implants that can extend to the jawline to... READ MORE

Can a Chin Implant Improve my Profile? (photo)

I have a very receded and undefined chin and my mandible as a whole is kind of small. I would like to ask if there's any point of having a chin... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Something Else To Define My Jawline? (photo)

I had smartlipo procedure on my jawline and under chin. I am not extremely pleased with results as I wanted a very defined jawline. I was wondering if... READ MORE

How Do my Results Look So Far with my Chin Augmentation?

6 days post op. Noticed my chin is crooked when it wasn't to start with before. My chin looks very different, and I asked that my front chin shape not... READ MORE

What Do I Need? Chin Augmentation, or Jaw Reduction, Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

Bare with my nose, I accidentally hit my nose (10 months post tipplasty) Should be ok.. Here I posted 2 pictures front view and side view. Both... READ MORE

Chin Implant and face (chin, neck) liposuction? (Photo)

Hi, I am 24 year old male. A weak profile was bothering me for a long time. Plz, help me to figure out which procedures do i need to get more defined... READ MORE

Can I Have A Chin Implant Without Making My Chin Longer?

Hi im a male with an ethnic background and last yr i had a chin reduction as i didnt like my long chin. i also wanted him to make my chin "less... READ MORE

Would Chin/neck Lipo Be Enough? Must I Have Chin Implant... or is It Something else Altogether? (photo)

I have almost no jawline definition. The heavier I am, the worse it is, but it was like this even when I was a size 2. It's like my chin just slopes... READ MORE

How common is it to go from a very narrow jaw to a fully defined and nicely shaped one?

Do implants that size hurt? Does it not damage the muscles if the jaw is stretched out that much? and do people not feel the implants at all? READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant and lipo to my cheeks to make my face more defined? I have chubby lower cheeks and a weak chin. (Photo)

I am almost 21 and I feel I have very chubby lower cheeks and a bit of a weak chin? I want a more defined face ( higher cheek bones and less fat to my... READ MORE

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