2 Years Post-op + Chin Implant

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Can a MEDPOR Chin Implant Be Removed?

I had a MEDPOR chin implant 2 years ago, the sort of implant that bonds to the tissues, but the implant moved up one side, down the other side. I feel... READ MORE

How Much Bone Erosion Should I Expect for a Chin Implant That Was Taken Place 1.5 Yrs Ago?

I had a 5mm silastic chin implant inserted from inside of my mouth 1.5 yrs ago. I'm planning to remove it soon because I prefer the original me... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Chin Implant Moved After a Really Hard Blow? (photo)

I've had a chin implant for 2 years and a week ago I tripped up the stairs and fell straight on chin. I had a big bruise for days, which is just... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Augmentation Again? What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello, Two years ago I put a chin implant. From the first months of my recovery, I noticed at the end of “the wings” of the implant, two... READ MORE

Will Cyst/Pimple Near Chin Implant Cause Infection?

Dear Docs, I am having my silicon Chin implant now for two years and absolutely happy with it. I developed a hard cyste or pimple underneath the skin... READ MORE

Itching Sensation 2 Years After Chin Implant, is It a Sign of Infection?

I had a medpor chin implant surgery 2 years ago, with 2 screws in place to fix the implant. Since one month I began noticing itching sensation deep... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Chin Implant if I Have Pain on the Right Side?

I had my surgery almost 2 years ago, however I feel some numbness on the right side and when I press on it I feel shocks going up my lip. Should I... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Non Surgical Nose Revision - Still Unhappy - Next Option?

Hello all I try to figure out what make me look so weird. 2 years ago i had an upper eyelid surgery and a nose surgery revision. where i have my... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedure Would Be Best to Help my Face to Look Less Long and Thin?

I had a chin implant about 2 years ago and my profile looks much better but I feel that it added to the length of my face. It also dramatically... READ MORE

Need a Chin Implant Removal Specialist/Expert?

Hello Doctors: I am unhappy with my 2 yr old chin implant, have never liked it and would like it removed. I've had a few revisions already so I'm in... READ MORE

I had a chin lift 2 years ago with a plastic surgeon? (photo)

He said I will have a small scar under my chin that wont be noticeable? As you can see from my pics, he lied. My scar is huge and very noticeable. He... READ MORE

Can I Reverse a Sliding Genioplasty 3 Years After the Surgery and Would I Look the Same As Before?

I actually had 2 sliding genioplasty in the past 4 years and none of the two results were actually good, .the first one was a standard sliding... READ MORE

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