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Chemical Peel on Neck and Chest Area

Can I get a chemical peel on my neck and chest? READ MORE

Chemical Peel After Botox

Can I get chemical peel two weeks after I had Botox (on the frown line between eyes only)? READ MORE

Chemical Peel Vs Laser to Remove Acne Scars

My background is Swedish and Portuguese, I'm very fair,but don't sunburn I've been fighting acne since I was 18 and am now 23, I used to... READ MORE

Is 50 Percent Chemical Peel Safe?

Hello, I have an appointment next week to have a Chemical Peel. I've already seen a licensed RN and she said, she's gonna perform a 50% Chemical peel... READ MORE

How Often Should I Have Chemical Peel?

Is it bad to do a chemical peel once a month? READ MORE

Chemical Peel Safety on a Lupus Patient?

I don't know which cosmetic procedures I can have, if any, because I have lupus. I've been on remission for 7 years. Also, I never had cutaneous... READ MORE

Chemical Peel - Safe for Sensitive Skin?

I have really sensitive skin. I flip my hair over to brush it and come back up and its beet red. It gets really red and agitated when I move my face... READ MORE

Is a B-Liftx Peel Safe for Black (African) Skin?

I've had mthly peels (glycolic)for some yrs via facialist, but tend to have occasional bad acne flare up. The last one ~ 6mnths ago was really... READ MORE

What Precautions to Take for Safe At-home Chemical Peeling?

I want peel off my skin at home because of very expensive at market. So please suggest what I can do for a safe peel? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Multiple Procedure on the Face at Once?

I have acne scars on my face and also quite a bit of facial hair. I am considering either a chemical peel or some other alternative, but I also want... READ MORE

Would a Light AHA Peel Be the Safest for Brown Skin?

And are there any differences, being a male, vs. female skin in the results? READ MORE

Is it possible and safe to lighten the color of my lips by using chemical peels?

The inside of my lower and top lip are pink, but the sides near the corner are a little bit dark. I want to have pinker lips. What is a safe way to... READ MORE

What Percentage Peel is Medical Grade?

Wht Can Aestheticians Legally Work With? READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Chemical Peel if U Are Allergic to Salicylic Acid

I used st. ives for my acne and it has salicylic acid which made my skin irritated and kind of got red. so is it okay to do a chemical peel even if it... READ MORE

Safe peel. Which is the best peel that I can use at home safely to get quick results?

Am having dark skin around my lips and neck and dark circles also.there are many blemishes back acne on my back which is the best peel that I can use... READ MORE

I have a Perfect Image 20% salicylic chemical peel formula. Will it get rid of freckles?

Does this get rid of freckles? Also, how often should I do a chemical peel? Is it harmful? Are chemical peels harmful since it is burning a layer off... READ MORE

Melanage Peel - Bay Area CA?

Is it okay to perform a melanage peel on east Indian(Asian skin)? Is it safe? READ MORE

I'm a dark skin African-American with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Is it safe to get a chemical peel?

I have been struggling with this issue for 2 years already I have been prescribed so many steroid s skin bleaching medications and nothing is working... READ MORE

Are Silk Peel's Ingredients That Are Infused Safe?

I recently had a silk peel and am considering buying a package of six, but was wondering about the safety of the ingredients . I got the vitamin c one... READ MORE

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