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What Should I Do if I Burn my Skin with Lactic Peel

What should i do if i burn my skin with lactic peel my skin is very red and frosted please tell me what to use please help me. READ MORE

Red/Purple Marks Above Lip After Face Peel: Is This a Chemical Burn?

I recently gave a chocolate peel containing salicylic, lactic, glycolic & kojic acid to a friend, she now has discoloration under her nose &... READ MORE

I Used Perfect Image 12% TCA Gel Peel and Now my Cheek Has a Red Spot on It Will This Spot Go Away?

I used this at home on my cheek for about 5 mins. I had frosting. I washed it off but now I have this reddish/brown colored circle on my cheek. How... READ MORE

I have burned Skin due to Yellow peeling oil. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Please help me I used YELLOW peeling oil on my underarm and I put it 3x a day for 3 consecutive days andy underarm becomes super red i think the oil... READ MORE

1 day post op of Chemical Peel, my facial skin is inflamed, red bumps, swollen, and painful. Is this normal? (photos)

Yesterday I tried a facial peel off mask, and now my face is inflamed, red sores like bumps, right eye is swollen shut and it hurts extremely bad... READ MORE

Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin? (photo)

My dermatologist recomended the procedure of the vitalize peel for some brown spots I have and gave me the PCA post procedure kit but somehow when I... READ MORE

Had facial TCA chemical peel 3 days ago. Should I moisturize my peeling skin?


I Burned my Face About a Year Ago with an At-home Peel. What Can I Do?

I have pale-ish skin. Any advice? The area is dry and tends to get redder when I moisturize it. READ MORE

How do you blend or restore even skin tone after a 40% lactic acid peel? (photos)

I have tried 40% chemical peel and my skin is still red and not blending back to my original skin tone. I wonder if it takes a couple days for that to... READ MORE

Do chemical peels CAUSE under eye wrinkles?

I had a chemical peel done underneath my eyes yesterday for thinning skin and smile lines. My under eye skin this morning looks red and a bit puffy. I... READ MORE

Foot is Red and Raw After Chemical Peel

I put 79% peel on my foot and i pulled off the skin the next day and now it is very swollen and red raw and leaking fluid. it is very painful and... READ MORE

Today I received a Salicylic acid peel 20% at Plastic surgeons office. Is this normal? (fair-medium Asian skin).

Initially red and swollen, then sunspots, freckles and scars are very dark, skin is brown and tender. Doctor did a poor job of communicating to me... READ MORE

I picked my chemical peel. What do I do? (Photo)

I peeled my chemical peel off and now my skin is extremely red and tight. Does this mean that my skin is going to peel again, or is this scarring? READ MORE

Is this is right time to have chemical peel? (photo)

I was on accutane for 70 days due to serious reaction of acne on cheeks and right now iam not taking it since 20 days because all my acne are gone and... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin?

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin? I know peels cause hyperpigmentation which has happened to me. However every time I try to lighten... READ MORE

I have bags under my eyes and acne scarring. Should I get a chemical peel? Also what's the most organic makeup? (photo)

I have acne off and on and get really red around my nose, I don't like to use a lot of chemicals I am recovering from many years of makeup! I need a... READ MORE

What's the best remedy for early peeled skin? (Photo)

I had a chemical peel yesterday. I peeled my skin today and it's way too early. Now it's all red and burning. I don't know what to do. Please help! READ MORE

Is it safe to apply vitamin e oil on peeled skin? (Photo)

I had a chemical peel yesterday and I peeled the dead skin too early now it's al red and burning. is it safe to Apply a vitamin e oil on the peeled skin? READ MORE

I got a chemical peel(Glycolic Gel peel 30% Glycolic Acid)left on for 10 minutes. When will my skin start to look normal again?

Skin is red and VERY itchy and it hurts so much. I have been putting Neosporin on it to help it heal faster but it just makes it more itchy, so I send... READ MORE

Red bumps & reddish brown scabby spots during acne/scars treatment using DCL Multi-Action penta peel. Is it normal? (photo)

I was given DCL Labs' Multi Action Penta Peel, a cleanser, a day cream and an antibacterial night cream when I went to a skin center. The prescription... READ MORE

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