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Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

I've got scars due to pimples but not too much. I want permanent solution to get rid of the scars. Is chemical peel a permanent solution? If not, what... READ MORE

Are the Scar Removal Results of a Chemical Peel Permanent?

I spoke to a doctor who told me that my skin is very sensitive and so chemical peeling can ruin my skin. She also said that the chemical peeling is... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Due to Chemical Peel Permanent?

My mother had very good, clear skin. she had medium chemical face peel 2-2.5 years ago and she developed hyperpigmentation very soon after the... READ MORE

Will Results from a Chemical Peel Be Permanent?

My face, neck, and "down there" are significantly darker than all the other parts of my body. It is because I have eczema and had a bad reaction to... READ MORE

Chemical Burn And Skin Lightening from At-Home AHA Brazilian Peel. Is It Permanent?

I started using the at home AHA Brazilian Peel. After the 4th week, I developed a rash and dryness around the side of my mouth. I used extra... READ MORE

Skin Still Red 3 Weeks After 30% Double Layer Peel, Is this Permanent? (photo)

I did a double layer 30% peel inbetween my eye brows. I have done single & double layer peels at lower levels before without any problems and... READ MORE

I Had a Freind Give Me a 20% Peel About Three Weeks Ago and I Still See Areas That Are Blotchy. Normal?

I had a freind give me a 20% peal about three weeks ago I still see areas that are blochy I hope the blochyness is not perminant Iam a meduim brown... READ MORE

I'm 19, Asian and have brown spots on my face. People told me it's because of my liver. Can I get rid of them? (Photo)

People told me these brown spot is permanent. So I can not do anything with this? Is there another way to get rid of these forever? When I were 15, I... READ MORE

Can Deep Chem Peel Cause Permanent Damage?

I had a deep chem peel in may of this year. my eyes look worse. i had some fine lines prior, now i have bags (never had!) and deeper wrinkles. will... READ MORE

Skin redness after chemical peel. How long will it take to heal? Is there anything I can do to heal it faster?

I applied Marie France Oil (Lactic acid + Citric acid) on my thighs and knees. The skin peeled off but left redness. The redness has faded to pink... READ MORE

What Happens If I Had a Glycolic Acid Peel of 25% Strength and Exposed my Skin to Sunlight?

I did not have prior knowledge and was not warned by the doctor unfortunately and I exposed my skin after the peel for a number of days without sun... READ MORE

Sun exposure after 35% chemical peel and now have hyperpigmentation. Is it permanent?

I had a 35% TCA chemical peel from my board certified plastic surgeon about 5 wks ago. I used SPF 50 sunscreen but still got sun exposure from driving... READ MORE

Wrinkles After Enerpeel Due to Smoking?

I Am a Smoker and I Had an Enerpeel, In Now Have Fat Loss Can This Be Reversed.? I was not told anything about smoking while having the enerpeel. At... READ MORE

Persistent redness 2 weeks after a lactic acid peel. Is this normal? Permanent?

I accidentally burned my face with a 65% lactic acid peel 2 weeks ago. I only had the peel on for 1,5-2 minutes.I am a caucasian woman& have... READ MORE

I had a Vitalize peel 2 weeks ago.After peeling I took my retin a and developed dark depressed marks. Is this permanent? (Photo)

I had this peel a year ago with good results, with my wedding approaching I decided to do it again. 4 days after my skin looked great so I applied my... READ MORE

Lactic Acid Peel - will this purplish reddish color be permanent?

Hello, I have already done multiple 40% lactic acid peels successfully with no side affects. But the last time I did it I went over 3 "scabs" (pimples... READ MORE

Sun Exposure too early after mild peel. I'm worried it has damaged my skin and is permanent.

I had a mild chemical peel and the next day I was outside for about 45min to 1hr. I used a broad spectrum sunblock spf 30 before heading out but it... READ MORE

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