Patchy + Chemical Peel

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Bad Reaction on my Face After Chemical Peel? (photo)

This is not my first time under go for a peel, as i had done miami peel before, went to the doctor office, he recommend me a gentlest peel from a... READ MORE

Skin Medica Chemical Peels?

Hi Have had the medium Skin medical Peel done - then two weeks later the deepest Skin Medica Chemical Peel Performed to get rid of some brown patches... READ MORE

Is My Face Suppose To Have Dry Patches 2 Days After Skin Peel?

I used a skin peel called a fusion peel from My face is patchy dry in areas and it seems like the moisturizer is not cutting it, it is... READ MORE

What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel

What Kind of Make-up Can I Use to Hide Dark Patches After a Chemical Peel READ MORE

Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin? (photo)

My dermatologist recomended the procedure of the vitalize peel for some brown spots I have and gave me the PCA post procedure kit but somehow when I... READ MORE

I have given a chemical peel last year causing discoloration, demarcation, patchy red and white skin. What can I do? (photo)

I was given a chemical peel in April LAST YEAR-  The estetician thought she gave me a 25% TCA peel (it was a product she just received from... READ MORE

I Picked my Skin After I Got my Peel Done, Now I Have a Dark Patch?

It was first red and now it became really dark. It's embarrassing, please help READ MORE

Brown patches day after moderate chemical peel. Is this normal or will skin be scarred/discolored permanently? (photos)

Just had a moderate chemical peel done yesterday. Certain areas of my face have brown patches. Will this be scarred and permanently discolored in... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? "The perfect peel" (Photo)

I have olive skin and dark hair. My 2 pimples turned brown and I have brown patches too now. Is this normal? The peel was applied by an esthetican on... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel give you a really white patch?

I had a chemical peel.after about 6 weeks a very white patch appeared on my skin.could it be a result from the chemical peel?except that after the... READ MORE

I had a "physician grade chemical peel" at a local aesthetics and laser treatment center. Do some people not peel from this?

I had the peel done on a Monday morning. I was told that I would start peeling in 2-3 days. On Friday, I called back and told them that the peeling... READ MORE

Dark patches with uneven skin tone after derma peeling 5 years ago? What caused it? (Photo)

Hi, I am Indian male living in EU. I had derma-peeling treatment for my acne at Feb 2009 in India. Since then my skin became more dark with uneven... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Results For Acne Scars and Left With Patchy Skin? (photo)

I have scars from my teenage-acne, so I got myself a chemical peel (I do not know the peel type, but it was on the deeper side, as she said it will... READ MORE

Just had my monthly lactic acid peel. I am up to 50%, the strongest yet. My face is patchy and crusty. Is it normal?

This is the strongest one yet. However, each time I had results the next day, with slow peeling. This time my face has a darker tone, than I ever been... READ MORE

I had a mini melanage peel 10 days ago. Is it common to peel a lot on some nights and not at all on others?

- Some nights I don't peel at all and other nights I peel a lot. Is that common? - Some areas of my neck look like I have a chemical burn. I use the... READ MORE

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