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Glytone Enerpeel EL for Eyes & Lips?

Recommended treatment is 3-4 peels. Is it worthwhile for $500 - $900? READ MORE

Red/Purple Marks Above Lip After Face Peel: Is This a Chemical Burn?

I recently gave a chocolate peel containing salicylic, lactic, glycolic & kojic acid to a friend, she now has discoloration under her nose &... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Causes Fever Blisters

I get fever blisters on my lips after Chemical Peel, and was warned I couldn't have any at the time of my Obagi Blue Peel. READ MORE

Corners of Lips Got Chemically Peeled Now Its Much Lighter from Rest of the Lips. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had superficial chemical peel on my face a week ago by a dermatologist. But during the procedure i got both corners of my lips peeled as well. And... READ MORE

How do I make my lips pink again? (photo)

Im an Indian and have wheatish-beige skin tone. My lips were not Dark naturally but frm 5-6 yrs now my lips are completely dark.As you can c in the... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel Lighten Dark Lips?

My lips were dark purple now they are like a grayish color. i want a pink complexion on my lips can chemical peel help? READ MORE

How to Make Lips Pinker? Would Chemical Peels Work?

I have two toned lips, the top part is a dark brown and the bottom is more pink. I would like for the top part to match the bottom part. READ MORE

Can the color of lips eventually be lightened after a tattoo procedure? (photo)

Red and nude ink was used. My lips became nice and pink after 2 days but with in a week they'd changed back. I now think they're even darker. It's... READ MORE

Hetter Peel: Peelign everywhere except Lips

Had a hetter peel 4 days ago....I am peeling everywhere but where I had the most wrinkles....the "smoker" lines above my lips...this was supposed to... READ MORE

Can you give me advice about chemical peeling?

Sir\ name is fayez, i have got dark lips and i want to remove the dark skin covered aroud my lips, is there any chemichal peeling for removing... READ MORE

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