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Will Loose Skin from Lactic Acid Peel Ever Tighten?

I received 5 lactic acid peels over 3 months and stopped because I was experiencing new-onset increased skin laxity. Is this common? Will the skin... READ MORE

Red and Slightly Burnt After a Lactic Acid Peel, What Can I Do?

Just had a lactic acid peel which burnt my cheek a little. My skin is very red day after a peel . The ethestician asked me to keep it moist and apply... READ MORE

How Do I Best Treat This Reaction to a Lactic Acid Peel (Photo).

How do I best treat this reaction to a lactic acid peel (see photo). I've done about 4 lactic acid peels (55% brand:MUAC) leaving product on for 7... READ MORE

Is Lactic Peel the Mildest Peel? What's the Difference Between Lactic Acid Glycolic Peel?

I have some mild acne scars, sun spots and bigger pores. which one is better? READ MORE

Lactic Acid Peel for Dark Underarms? (photo)

I have been trying to lighten my dark underarms for the past few months & nothing is working for me! I have tried Retin A but the results aren't... READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Burn my Skin with Lactic Peel

What should i do if i burn my skin with lactic peel my skin is very red and frosted please tell me what to use please help me. READ MORE

Post Chemical Peel Left Crusty Brown Spots (Resemble Burn Marks), is It Normal?

I did a 70% lactic acid peel, left it one for about 8 mins, after few hours, I developed crusty brown spots that look like burn marks, is it normal?... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I had a chemical peel (lactic acid) a month ago. My skin was inflammed but thexresults were satisfying after a week. I was ask to come for a second... READ MORE

Dermaplanning Combined with Lactic Acid Peel Resulted in Hyperpigmenation and Scarring?

About three weeks ago, I had a actic asid peel which was suppesed to be very light, I also told that I ahve very sensitive skin, and I am Asian and... READ MORE

Why did my birthmark become darker after two application of 50% lactic acid peel?

My birthmark (which previously was very hard to see when covered with makeup) becomes darker after two application of 50% lactic acid peel. The rest... READ MORE

Pink after lactic acid peel

I Had a Lactic Acid Peel (50% LA with a Ph 1.2). The Peel Was Preceded with Dermaplaning. The peel was neutralized at 1 min 50 seconds. Three days... READ MORE

Burned my Nose with Lactic Acid 15%, Will My Skin Ever Grow Back?

A year ago i used lactic acid peeling 15% on my nose, i left it untill it stopped burning, and again i put a new layer . My nose was very red and... READ MORE

How Does Citric Acid Compare with Others?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using citric acid for a facial chemical peel as opposed to glycolic or lactic? What concentration of... READ MORE

Persistent redness 2 weeks after a lactic acid peel. Is this normal? Permanent?

I accidentally burned my face with a 65% lactic acid peel 2 weeks ago. I only had the peel on for 1,5-2 minutes.I am a caucasian woman& have... READ MORE

What can I do or use to help with the hyperpigmentation left from a lactic acid peel? (photos)

I performed a 50% lactic acid peel at home and left it on for 5 minutes. Prior to the peel, I had extract some pimples. This time I am left with major... READ MORE

What percentage of Lactic Acid Peel would you suggest for arms?

Hi tried a 25% lactic acid peel on the front of my hand first stung a little but nothing the next day left on for 8 minutes do you suggest a 50%... READ MORE

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