Exfoliation + Chemical Peel

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Exfoliation After a Chemical Peel?

I had a b-liftx chemical peel and today is the 6th day. My skin started to peel a little on the 4th day and it is around the sides of my nose and... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Recommended for Oily, Sensitive, Acne-prone Skin?

What kind of chemical peel would be recommended for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin needing exfoliation? READ MORE

Why Do Some People Experience Pore Enlargement After a Peel or Exfoliation?

In my research, it seems that a significant minority of people experience enlarged pores following chemical peels and sometimes exfoliation. What is... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Exfoliation - What Strength?

My face is in need of exfoliation.I used lotion on my face and it seems to have dried and almost created a 'second skin.' The dermatologist... READ MORE

I had a 30% glycolic acid peel after dermaplaning. Skin looks awful, lots of scabbing. Should I exfoliate or wait? (photo)

My skin looks awful (this is day three) with lots of brown scabbing. The esthetician said to exfoliate but that seems counterintuitive. I am also... READ MORE

Will Chemical Peels Bring out Sun Damage?

Because peels exfoliate wouldn't this bring out sun damage that is beneath the top layer of skin? READ MORE

I have a scab from chemical peel. Is this over exfoliation, or a burn?

I had a scab on my eyebrow from a home chemical peel. Is this over exfoliation or a burn or are they the same thing please. Home chemical peels are... READ MORE

Will Results Differ Because I Exfoliated Myself? (photo)

This week, chemical peel to face by MD.Day 4 splotchy dark tight skin, by evening-4 1/2 days- dead skin showing, peeled off long strips.A.M. sloughed... READ MORE

Can Shallow Skin Indentations Be Completely Erased with a Chemical Peel?

This past winter I developed many shallow skin indentations on my cheeks. They are not very deep (maybe only 2 or 3 skin layers deep) and can really... READ MORE

Normal to have bumps afer chemical peel?

I have some under the skin like bumps in the area of where my chemical peel was done. It was a light peel . The bumps do not hurt whatsoever and they... READ MORE

Would a chemical peel be a good choice to fade my dark acne marks?

I just got rid of my acne but now on my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead I have dark acne marks that are hard to cover up with makeup, should I... READ MORE

How soon can I use an exfoliator and aczone after chemical peel?

I had a light peel done on Thursday. It is now Sunday . How soon can I use aczone and a exfoliator? I haven't really experienced any major peeling.... READ MORE

Fine lines or inflammation? (Photo)

I had 3 very mild peels, a week apart and then definitely over exfoliated because my skin felt so awful. My skin feels dry, tight & quite sore,but... READ MORE

How do I prevent clogged pores after a chemical peel? Need guidance for products to use. Can't figure it out myself!

This last time I got my superficial peel my pores seem to have clogged. What can I use to prevent this and get rid of the clogged pores? They are baby... READ MORE

Is discoloration which is caused by BHA/AHA peel permanent in nature?

I had recently exfoliated my skin with 20% 40% BHA/AHA peel, however, a few days later I noticed that the skin on my inner thighs had become slightly... READ MORE

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