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Chemical Peel on Butt, Waist and Leg?

My butt and waist and leg is really much darker than the rest of my body.  Will Chemical Peel work? READ MORE

PCA Chemical Peel Effective for Dark Skin?

Is a PCA chemical peel effective at evening out skin tone and texture, and eliminating hyperpigmentation for people of color (deep tan/caramel colored... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark Neck Skin?

My neck has become very dark than my body. Which type of chemical peel will help me to get rid of this problem? Will my neck have the same color as my... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Acne Scars on Dark Skin?

Hi, I have dark skin and would like to do a Chemical Peel. I have never done this before but have excessive acne scarring and dark circles. Can you... READ MORE

At Home Chemical Peel for Dark Skin?

I have OCD and I pick at my skin, causing major scars all over my body. I want to try an at-home chemical peel, but have been told that because I have... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark, Caribbean Skin?

I am Caribbean with dark complexion. I have a bit of eczema, light scarring and blemishes on my skin. What Chemical peel that can be applied all over... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Dark Lines on Carribean Skin?

I am a Black Caribbean, and I'm wanting to know if Chemical Peel would work for me and if so what type? I am dark skinned with really dark lines under... READ MORE

I have dark underarms! Is chemical peel is best way to remove them? (photos)

Very dark underarms is chemical peel is best way to remove them? READ MORE

I did a 30% TCA Peel on Monday July 28th. My skin around my jawline and cheeks is dark brown. Is this normal?

It's now Wednesday and my skin around my jawline is dark brown and my cheeks as well is this normal? I leave for vacation on August 23rd will I look... READ MORE

Can I get a chemical peel for acne scars on my back?

I have dark, flat acne scars all over my back. Is it possible to get a chemical peel to remove these scars, and how many treatments/how long would it... READ MORE

What I am to do with a 8 year ago chemical peel that has done more damage then fixed? (photos)

8 years ago I got a chemical peel and spent the required 2 week peel and recovery time. Since then I've worn 100 SPF and each year my skin appears... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel Lighten Dark Lips?

My lips were dark purple now they are like a grayish color. i want a pink complexion on my lips can chemical peel help? READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Hard, Dark Skin Above Heel?

I have dark buildup hard skin above my heels. From working for so many years with close in shoes. I haven,t been able to wear sandles for so many... READ MORE

Dark patches with uneven skin tone after derma peeling 5 years ago? What caused it? (Photo)

Hi, I am Indian male living in EU. I had derma-peeling treatment for my acne at Feb 2009 in India. Since then my skin became more dark with uneven... READ MORE

My underam skin got a lot darker after a 25% chemical peel. Is it normal or will it always be like this? Will it go away?(Photo)

My skin started to peel on the second day after sweating a lot that morning. I could pull out the skin easily with no pain. Then I put on a fade cream... READ MORE

My skin color is not even after chemical peeling for the body

Hello my skin color is not even , some parts are darker than other so i did chemical peeling for all my body . all the areas peeled except my back and... READ MORE

Got a question about chemical peel and my scar . Is it permanent?

I got a scar on my face, it can be noticeable depending where the lighting come from but it slightly alittle bit darker in tone of red and Im... READ MORE

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