Breakout + Chemical Peel

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Break out After Chemcal Peel?

I have bad acne break out after chemical peel, i had 3 treatments 70% over three weeks and have used products (jan marini) two weeks before the peel... READ MORE

I Recently Had a Med Chemical Peel. My Skin Hasn't Recovered and I'm Noticing Breakouts. Before This, I Never Broke out ): Help?

My doc suggested a medium chemical peel for my scars that my pimples left behind. I've never had acne. After getting the peel, I am in the recovery... READ MORE

Are Pimple Like Bumps a Side Effect of Having a Melanage Mini Peel?

I had a Melanage mini-peel on Thursday afternoon. Normal redness and burning/stinging,etc. Started some light peeling Friday evening.When I washed my... READ MORE

Had an Aladdin Peel Last October, Broke Out in Pustules After? (photo)

I got Aladdin peeling last october. And after wks, some small pustules up on my side chin. So I went to GP and she gave me antibiotics for 2wks and I... READ MORE

Still Breaking out 3 Weeks After 1st Peel, is this Normal? (photo)

I had my very 1st peel done by an esthetician about 3 weeks ago and now my skin is Still breaking out/scarring... Is this going to be permanent? I... READ MORE

Using Burt's Bee After my Chemical Peel?

I did a chemical peel at the end of December (2012) I broke out Bad! I was given Skin Medica Purifying Foaming Wash along with the toner and used just... READ MORE

Why can't I change facewash or use facial products even after 5 months post chemical peels?

I have got 4 chemical peels done. Glycolic was once of them. Cant remember names of others. Ever since ive got chemical peels done i have noticed that... READ MORE

Will chemical peel prevent future breakouts?

My dermatologist has suggested chemical peeling to get rid of acne scars. I have oily skin. Brown skin tone. I have been using Sebonac gel with... READ MORE

Breakout acne, cyst, & cuts after Chemical Peel. Clear prior except for 4 dark spots. How do I stop this? (photo)

Why am I getting cyst after my peel & how do I stop them? Did I destroy my skin? I don't want another peel as this one caused cuts in my skin. Will I... READ MORE

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