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I'm 23 Years Old and my Face Sags. Would a Mid-Facelift Help?

I'm 23 years old and my face sags especially around the mouth. I'm not over weight, I stay out of the sun and live a healthy life style so... READ MORE

Cheek Lift for Thinner Face and Defined Cheekbones?

I'm 20 years old and I want a cheek lift, my lower face is too round but I really like the way my face looks when I pull the skin on the side of my... READ MORE

Cheek Lift at 20 Years Old to Correct Nasolabial Folds/smiles Lines?

Want a cheek lift in order to smooth the lines around my mouth because they bother me alot. They are evident in pics and not a very appealing addition... READ MORE

Cheek Lift and Other Options for Patients in Their 20s

I am 23. I have droopy cheeks, extra skin/fat in the jowl/chin area, and visible lower eye whites. When I smile these issues are accentuated. Would a... READ MORE

Options for Raising Drooping Cheeks?

I would like to have something done to raise my cheeks. i am only 22 but with genetics I have drooping cheeks like my dad and my brother. I had buccal... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Granny Face, Jowls?

I have two indents where my jaw meets my chin. I don't have a recessive chin. I have fat that hangs over my jaw making it look like jowls. I am skinny... READ MORE

horrible tear trough, I've tried fillers, the skin is TOO THIN, need an upper cheek lift? (photos)

I am 24 years old, and have had dark circles since I was 12, sensitive skin, extremely thin under the eyes, I want more than anything to be able to... READ MORE

Malar Bags Due to Stretching of Facial Skin, How Can I Get Rid of Them?

My face got stretched during a massage and resulted in me getting malar bags across my cheeks. I am only 24 and this is such a dramatic change in the... READ MORE

What Should I Get Done for my Extra Skin on my Jawline and my Terrible Cheek/smile Lines? (photo)

I am 23 and just lost 20 pounds, I have another 10 to go, and my face is just sagging so much for my age READ MORE

Chin Implant or Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

In the last year, my cheeks have been thinning and getting looser which resulted in sagging cheeks (with one side sagging more than the other) and fat... READ MORE

Difference between Endotine cheek lift and fat grafting?

I am young (only 20), but have sagging cheeks due to my Irish heritage giving me a long facial appearance. I have been considering fat grafting and... READ MORE

Saggy cheeks. What should I do? cheek lift? liposuction? (photos)

Hi there doctors, I’m 22 yrs old and would really like to get this situation corrected. My cheeks are too saggy for my liking. I’m only seeing a... READ MORE

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