Zygomatic Bone + Cheek Augmentation

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Malar Augmentation, Are There Any Surgeons Who Do Zygomatic/malar Advancement?

Malar osteotomies are performed in Asia to reduce the width and projection of the zygomatic arch. I have a midface deficiency so I'd like to know if... READ MORE

Can You Get Implants over Zygomatic Arch Aswell As The Actual Cheekbones?

Iv heard malar cheek implants go over the actual cheekbones but are there such cheek implants that highlight the zygomatic arch aswell as the actual... READ MORE

I Have Laterally Protruding Zygomatic Arches, Want Reduction Effect. Anyone in India?

My zygomatic arches protrude laterally along with the part of maxillae that is continuous with the arch, though there is no disfiguring anterior... READ MORE

Can the cheekbones be widened?

I've got a jaw much more narrower than my head, so I would like to widen my jaw. For that to be possible, I think I would need wider cheekbones to... READ MORE

Can the Zygomatic Bone Be Reduced? (Cheekbone)

I have researched, and I can only find drs in Korea who do this operation. I was wondering if any doctors would be able to peform a cheek bone... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Use an Intraoral Incision to Secure an Implant over the Zygomatic Arch or is a Pre-auricular Incision Needed?

My face is very narrow so I need to have cheek implants right on the zygomatic arch to increase its width. In virtually all of the cases in which... READ MORE

Is it possible to augment the temporal process with cheek implants?

Hello! I've seen many of before/afters of men with malar/submalar implants and it always has a rounding, feminizing effect. Is this because implants... READ MORE

Is it possible to make the most lateral part of the zygomatic arch (right in front of the ear) wider?

Is it possible to make the most lateral part of the zygomatic arch (right in front of the ear) wider? I know it may be possible with implants, but can... READ MORE

Zygomatic widening- fat transfer or fillers?

I am a male witha slim face. I want to make the widest past of my zygomatic arch in front of my ear wider by 8mm. Whats a Better option to add this... READ MORE

Zygoma reduction in US.

I'm a caucasian male of almost 24 years.  I have high, wide cheekbones and am very insecure about them (I've been made fun of for them, etc.) as... READ MORE

I'm 25 yrs old and have a trauma-related zygomatic arch asymmetry. Any treatment suggestions? (photos)

Doctors, 4 years ago, I had a severe fall with undisplaced fracture of my right mandible. Doctors chose not to operate. Bones have consildated since... READ MORE

I have a flat face after zygomatic reduction surgery in Korea. Can I get my cheekbones back? (Photo)

I had surgery 8 months ago to get a smaller face and jawline. But after surgery I look worse than before and my face looks long and flat. The surgeon... READ MORE

2 year post op, is Zygomatic Arch reduction reversible?

I had a zygomatic bone reduction 2 years ago to make my face looks narrower. But I did not like the result. It just made my face look weird especially... READ MORE

4 days after malar fat graft. One side looks more swollen and puffier (lump?) than the other. Is this normal? (photo)

3rd time going through fat grafts to the malar area (zygomatic bone) because the other 2 times it was absorbed. Now this time i look like a boxeur,my... READ MORE

Zygomatic / Malar osteotomy?

Do facial plastic surgeons perform this procedure or is it a craniofacial surgeon? And could anyone recommend one in Florida. Thank you READ MORE

Is it normal to have constant pain and numbness on the right side after zygoma reduction surgery?

I had zygoma reduction revision done 8 months ago in Asia. I had cheek asymmetry after my first cheek reduction. My left cheek feels fine but my right... READ MORE

Do I need a cheek lift? (photos)

Im 26 years old, 6 months ago I underwent a procedure called zygoma reduction to reduced the with of my face since I had quite high cheek bones . im... READ MORE

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