Smile + Cheek Augmentation

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I Hate my Cheeks,, Please Help Me :'( (photo)

I am 24 yrs old my biggest issues is having a hollow,small long face with no cheeks,I look 10 yrs older in my side profile pictures, I always have to... READ MORE

Could I Get Jaw Surgery for a More Attractive Smile and Higher Cheek Bones? (photo)

Hi im a 21 year old African female and I hate my cheek bones and smile for as long as i could remember. I feel as though my cheek bones are too low... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Numbness when Smiling

I just had cheek implants about a months ago and every time I smile or open my mouth wide my lip go numb on the upper right side, and that numbness... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old and I'm wondering what I could do to slim down my face? (Photo)

I'm an average weight, and I've weighed less than I currently do and my face shape remains the same. Would Botox in the jawline be a good idea? My... READ MORE

Can I smile normal after cheek implant removal? (photos)

Dear doctors I am 32 years old, I have cheek implants 5 moths ago. After surgery I have following main problems I can’t smile and laugh normally;... READ MORE

I'm considering a cheek augmentation but my cheekbones are ok when I smile. What would you recommend? (photos)

When I smile my cheekbones looks ok but when I don't there's no cheekbones, I want defined cheekbones like Jon Kortajarena's... But I'm worried if i... READ MORE

9 days post op of Cheek Implant, how long will it take to go back to my full facial expression?

Hello, I am 24 yo male, I did my cheek implants 9 days ago as well as chin implant. 1-right now I am worried about the swelling as I look like... READ MORE

How can I make my face look more beautiful? (photos)

Things I don't like about my face are: - Low cheekbones. When I smile, the apples of my cheeks tend to move more 'outward' than 'up'. - Large chin,... READ MORE

I was wondering what is wrong with my smile? (Photo)

Whenever I smile I feel it more on one side than the other and I feel tension in my right cheek. My smile never looks even im photos. I was curious... READ MORE

I have squished cheek. Is it correctable to reach facial symmetry? (photos)

Perhaps due to my dimple, one of my cheeks is squished in and doesn't flatter me at all when I smile while the other I think is good. Usually, dimples... READ MORE

How can I get better cheekbones and change how my top lip thins when I smile?

When I smile, not a lot of my gum shows and my lip thins a lot. Is there a way I can make them higher and make my high lip slightly thicker without... READ MORE

Can the lines around my mouth when I smile, be altered to look like my cheekbones are defined? (photo)

Can these lines be altered (first image) to look like I have great cheekbones like those of Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr (here pictured)? In the... READ MORE

Will my smile go back to 'normal' after Cheek Augmentation?

It's only been a week since I had my cheek bone augmentation so there is still A lot of swelling. I know it takes a few weeks to settle but I'm just... READ MORE

Dimpleplasty- Will repeated procedures lead to deeper dimples or will they continue to "fade" after healing?

I have always wanted deep dimples like Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Cole etc. I have undergone dimpleplasty a few years ago. However, when the dimple... READ MORE

Can my narrow smile be widened? (Photo)

I have a really narrow smile - it curves so you can only see the front six 6 of my teeth. I have a very small mouth so i can understand it might be... READ MORE

Hi, inward depression in the cheek. (photos)

I want to know how to get that inward depression in the cheek when smiling as nowadays they do by Botox and what they call it in English. READ MORE

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