Silicone Implant + Cheek Augmentation

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Silicone Cheek Implant w/ Sutures, No Screws

Does this produce a unnatural result because the implant is technically not apart of the bone, but rather just "sewed" into the soft tissue?... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks for Removing Silicone Cheek Implants? Cost?

Only a month has gone by and I know I made the wrong decision. The implant was inserted through my lower eyelid. I don't like the look or the feel... READ MORE

Calcium Hydroxyapatite or Silicone Implants For Flat Midface?

Hi. I have a flat midface, paranasal retrusion etc. I would like to correct this, but i just don't know what would be better, silicone implants or... READ MORE

Pocket-sewn Silicone Cheek Implants Imposed on Me?

I'll be getting cheek implants tomorrow. I am however concerned about my surgeon's decision to ignore my demands about using medpor implants with... READ MORE

Will a 3mm Silicone Malar Implant Give Enough of a Dramatic Look?

I have very flat cheeks and I'm wondering if a 3mm silicone malar implant will give me the prominent cheek I'm looking for. I want a dramatic chiseled... READ MORE

Will my Silicone Cheek Implants Grow Bigger with Time?

I just got silastic cheek implants about 3 months ago. They're...ok, but I'd prefer them to be a but more noticable. They're so subtle that no one... READ MORE

Is a Silicone Cheek-implant Firm Enough to Mimic a Cheek Bone in a Lean Person's Face?

I'm a 30 year old male. I'd like to strengthen my jaw and cheeks. I've decided to have custom implants made for my jaw. As I understand it, those... READ MORE

Further Cheek Augmentation over Cheek Implants?

Hi, I'm a 35yo female who had cheek augmentation with silicone implants 5 years ago. I am generally happy with their appearance but as I am ageing I... READ MORE

I'm 26 yr old and have thick asian skinned. I'm taking out large implants from cheeks and jaws. How much sagging will there be?

26 year old with asian thick skin.had large cheek XL implants with screws put in 3 years ago and jaw implants put in 1 year ago 0screws, both... READ MORE

What x ray will reveal silicone implants and screws?

I have cheek silicone implants and screws and i want to take an x ray so that i can see where they were placed exatly on my face and the assymetry... READ MORE

Measures to prevent sagging after silicone cheek implant removal?

Im a 30 year old male and had big silicone cheek implants for 3 years, i am getting them removed with no intention of replacement , what measures... READ MORE

I have had silicone cheek implant with submalar extension. What is involved in removal and will my face sag?

I have had cheek implants for 6-7 years now. They are becoming more and more uncomfortable and sometimes painful. What will happen if I have these... READ MORE

What happens to the muscles after cheek implant removal?

I got medium-size malar silicone cheek implants (3.5mm projection) and opted to remove them 8 months later. Happy with the removal decision- it's been... READ MORE

Is it a difficult or common procedure to have generic 5 mm silicone cheek implants removed and have customs put in?

Reasons for implants: -Considerable negative vector. It looked like I had half a cheek bone. Results: -implants placed on the side of my face look... READ MORE

Are repositioned fat cheekpads over cheekbone permanent or do they get thinner with age?

A plastic surgeon wants to place a silicone implant over my left cheekbone ( which is bigger than my right cheekbone) and reposition my saggibg right... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision; can a silicone implant be repositioned and screwed down?

I've had silicone malar cheek implants for a over 1yr & started to feel a slight pain on the (R) cheek where the implant is located. It felt like the... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me about silicone cheek implant removal?

I had a mid facelift six years ago with submalar with lower extensions. Now one side of my mouth is really turned down! Looks like I am frowning bothe... READ MORE

Looking a plastic surgeon familiar with custom designed (based in CD Scan of the face) cheek implants

I am 49 years old. 14 years ago I had silicone cheek implants done. They didn't look too bad, but the where somehow misplaced and as I age that is... READ MORE

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