Safety + Cheek Augmentation

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Safety of Collagen for Cheek Augmentation

Is collagen safe to use for cheek augmentation? Are there any side effects after a couple of years? READ MORE

I Am 45 Years Old (Male) and Have Hollow Cheeks, What's My Best Option? (photo)

I am 45 years old (male) and have hollow cheeks. I would like to know what type of treatment could be the best and the safest with least side effects?... READ MORE

Safe to Use Juvaderm in Area Around Porex Cheek Implants?

Hi, I'm happy with a recent medpor cheek implant surgery generally but would like the edges of the implants 'softend' a little around my... READ MORE

I have an implant under the base of my nose and paranasals. Can I get it taken out safely? (Photo)

I have cheek implants and paranasals. I hate it. It not only causes me pain but it stops me from smiling naturally. I also have cheek implants. It has... READ MORE

Considering exchanging Medpor cheek implants for Gore Tex. Which are safer? (photo)

Had Medpor orbital rim implants for 3 years. Thinking of changing them to Terino Malar Shell. Please confirm: 1. Medpor is difficult to remove if you... READ MORE

Are cheek implants safe, do they look natural on men? (photo)

The look that I am seeking is the "Business man" look, with full cheek bones and a sculpted and gaunt lower face. I had fat injections but was less... READ MORE

What is the safest cheek augmentation procedure with the best long term outcome? (photos)

I am a 64 year old male in excellent, fit shape and I have non-prominent cheeks. But, first I plan to have a transconjunctival blepharoplasty done by... READ MORE

I want to have cheek augmentation - safety concerns?

I am 21, and want to have a cheek augmentation with fillers as my face is slightly squared giving it a masculine look. I read about several fillers... READ MORE

Why do other surgeons not place cheek implants through temple incision?

I have spoken with a doctor that does zygoma implants through the temporal incision. he says dong this avoids nerve damage through the mouth and is in... READ MORE

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