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How Can I Remove PMMA Filler from my Cheeks?

Hi Drs. 6 years ago i had PMMA injections in my cheeks. 3 months ago, i started having swelling in my cheeks and under my eyes (even though the PMMA... READ MORE

Bad Plastic Surgery: Finding a Good Reconstructive Surgeon?

I had cheek implants placed over a year ago and had major complications. I went to many, many of the so called best doctors in northern California and... READ MORE

Chin, Cheek, and Jaw Gone Horribly Wrong - Too Soon for Revision?

5 weeks ago had chin, cheek, and jaw angles. Cheeks perfect. Chin implant asymmetrical because surgeon (well-known) shaved one side square, not the... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation: How Long Before I Can Have Revision Surgery?

I had bilateral malar cheek implants done on 2/15/11. Unfortunately the right side implant shifted the day of the surgery and is not where it should... READ MORE

Can a Medpor Implant Be Revised During Surgery

I have cheek implants and I know only after 2 weeks they are clearly too big for my face, they sit on the bone and i can see the outline, they are... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Caused Nerve Tingling for 3 Years

Cheek implant cause nerve tingling for 3 years? My doctor says to leave it if it isn't "killing me. Can this be swelling/scar... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Revision, Can I Expect Less Swelling?

I had large ext malar implants (goretex)almost 2 years and had a lot of swelling which took several months to subside. Unfortunatley, I got an... READ MORE

Any Surgeons/dermatologist Who Has Successfully Improve Buccal Fat Removal Result?

Hi all surgeons/dermatologists, I need to find a surgeons/dermatologist who has worked with improving the result of buccal fat removal patients in the... READ MORE

Wrong Fixation of Cheek Implants?

I Had my Malar Implants Removed and Replaced with New Smaller Cheek Implants 3 Months Ago.  The old implants were placed too high on my malar... READ MORE

Visible Edges/lines on Skin from Previous Cheek Implants Even After Perfect Fit Revision, Will Tissue Retract?

I had poorly fitting implants for over a year, they had visible edges particularly just under the outside of my eye. The edges were very obvious &... READ MORE

Should I Replace 10 Year Old Cheek Implants with Larger Implants if the Area has Begun to Sag?

Ten Years ago, I had surgery to fix an underbite. Small implants were later added above the nasolabial area to fill flatter areas. The more or less... READ MORE

How Successful is Reducing/Taking Out Fat Transfer to Cheeks?

At 6 weeks post-op (face and temporal brow lift with fat transfer to cheeks), I do not like the look of the fat transfer on my cheeks. My face looks... READ MORE

Cheek augmentation with possible custom silastic/goretex implant and vertical face lift. What are my best options? (Photo)

So attached is where I'm at now after a doctor put in asymmetrical synpor implants 3 weeks ago nd then removed them 2 days ago along with several mms... READ MORE

Is a cheek implant revision more difficult than the initial surgery?

I just had terino malar medium shell cheek implants put in yersteday. Obviously there is a lot of swelling still but immediately after surgery I saw... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision; can a silicone implant be repositioned and screwed down?

I've had silicone malar cheek implants for a over 1yr & started to feel a slight pain on the (R) cheek where the implant is located. It felt like the... READ MORE

Should I redo cheek implants with smaller size? I'm 3 wks post op, look abnormal and exaggerated, especially right one

Please help! Cheek implants look too high and wide for my face! We agreed on a combination malar and sub-malar implant and surgeon said he would use... READ MORE

4 days PO from R cheek implant revision due to hematoma pocket. R upper lip & nostril aren't moving correctly. Permanent?(Photo)

I've had my cheek implants for 1 year but recently had issues w/fluid collection on the R side. The 1 time the PS drained a clear fluid & repositioned... READ MORE

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