Reduction + Cheek Augmentation

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How Can I Even out my Cheek Muscles?

I went to a doctor and they said my left cheek muscle is bigger than my right cheek muscle because I bite on my teeth more on one side than theother.... READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction to Get More Masculine Cheekbones?

Hi, I'm male and have very feminine cheekbones at the moment (very large and prominent). Is there a way to make them smaller and more masculine like... READ MORE

Chipmunk Cheeks Even After Weight Loss. What Can You Recommend to Remove Cheek Fat?

I am 5'1" and I weight 103. I now have chipmunk cheeks. I weighed this all through high s & college. I went through some bad times and gained 30... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Some Cheek Fat Without my Face Looking Way Too Skinny?

I have verry chubby cheeks but im skinny and i am 16.when i turn 18 im thinking of getting plastic surgery to get rid of some of my cheek fat.alote of... READ MORE

Surgery to Reduce Size of Cheekbones and Make Face Longer?

I'm a 16 year old male and my cheekbones stick outa lot and my face is quite short. How can I improve this? READ MORE

I Want Jaw and Cheekbone Reduction + Rhinoplasty to Get my Desired Face Will It Be Possible? (photo)

I don't like my face shape its to rough and not feminine enough and my nose tip is too round. I searched the net and found that maybe jaw and... READ MORE

Is Improving Malar Bags Possible? (photo)

I have malar bags. At fist I thought it was eye bags but the protruding fat pad or whatever it is actually is located in the cheek area. I've been... READ MORE

How Can I Remove the Excess Fat from my Cheeks? (photo)

I have really chubby cheeks and always have but I'm not overweight. I exercise daily but they still won't go away. I'm mostly concerned about the... READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction For My 17 Year Old Son?

Hi, My son is 17 years old with prominent cheekbones. He wants to get cheekbone reduction and has found someone who is willing to do it. Is 17 too... READ MORE

What can I get done to fix my unharmonious face? (photo)

My cheeks are too big for my face or my eyes/forehead are too small for my face, my nose is too short? i know there is no symmetry in my face which in... READ MORE

Narrowing Cheekbone...opinions?

If I'm striving for a heart shaped face then would narrowing my zygomatic arch be a bad idea? Can I get my cheekbones (zygomatic arch) narrowed if I... READ MORE

Can Zygomatic Arch Be Replaced After It Has Been Removed for Aesthetic Purposes?

I am an asian and I do have a prominent zygomatic arch.When I went to bangkok the plastic surgeon suggested for it to be reduced and I did the... READ MORE

Is a Cheek Thats Puffed Up and Has a Red Circular Huge Scar Dangerous? What is It?

I know this one year old girl who has a red scar on her face she was born with it but it was so small and brown almost unnoticable. As she grows up it... READ MORE

Orbital rim and Malar Implant reduction.

I had custom silicone implants made to fit my skull, placed subperiosteal, the malar is 4mm and orbital rim is 2 mm. If I want to reduce them from 4mm... READ MORE

How is cheekbone reduction performed?

How is cheekbone reduction performed? I heard they shave down your cheek bones with some tool.. what is it? also how much would this surgery cost... READ MORE

Can you reduce that area of the cheek? (Photo)

The area highlighted in red in the picture projects more (it's fatter or bulkier) on one side of my face than the other. It's rather obvious in 3/4... READ MORE

Would plastic surgery cost less in another country?

I have seriously been considering getting cheekbone reduction, I hear its not a common procedure in the U.S. and that most patients who get cheekbone... READ MORE

Protruding zygomatic arches, reduction effect wanted. Any surgeons in India? (photo)

My zygomatic arches protrude laterally along with the part of maxillae that is continuous with the arch, though there is no disfiguring anterior... READ MORE

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